65. The Weekly Wrap – 6 August

Listen to some of the latest news from the farming sector and learn about the articles featured in the 6 Aug issue of Farmer’s Weekly in this episode of the Weekly Wrap podcast, presented by Denene Erasmus.

In this week’s issue, we look at the basics of developing and implementing a seasonal breeding strategy for your herd, we also speak to a quail farmer about how to farm with this type of poultry and the challenges they have experienced marketing quail meat and eggs. Readers can also learn more about a citrus producer from the Eastern Cape who is farming with the relatively unknown Orri mandarin variety. This issue also features one of South Africa’s best known wine brands, Van Loveren, and we find out how the owners of Van Loveren have managed to survive multiple alcohol sales bans since first COVID-19 lockdown last year.

As in previous episodes Erasmus also highlights some of the top performing news articles from Farmer’s Weekly.