EP6: Summary of the Openserve Podcast series

In today’s podcast episode, we are doing a wrap-up of the previous 5 episodes.

Please join us for the highlights from the discussions between our phenomenal host Darryl Linington and our amazing and insightful guests who were part of this podcast series.

• Ryan Noik the managing editor for TechSmart Media communications. What is the impact of the Internet on Ryan’s business and how it can apply to the listener?
• Marco Cocomello the managing editor of Glitched Africa. All about troubleshooting and the importance of connectivity for the gaming industry
• Arthur Goldstuck who is the founder of Worl Wide Worx. Faster internet for smart homes as well as IOT
• Warren Steenkamp the director of Navateh. The impact of connectivity on technicians, schools, and entertainment systems
• Pushkar Gokhale the chief digital and strategy officer of Openserve. The power of the internet for homeowners and Small to Medium businesses and all about the Openserve App.

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