EP1: How connectivity is allowing you to be economically active - Ryan Noik

In today’s episode, Darryl will be talking to Ryan Noik about how connectivity is allowing one to be economically active.

Darryl is a Technology Journalist, Editor, and Photographer who began his journalistic journey in 2009

Darryl is currently the editor for Tech IT Out. www.techitout.co.za is a South African-based technology publication that reports on Business Tech, Consumer Tech, Startups, Telecoms, Cloud, Gadgets, Gaming and just about any other tech you can think of.

Ryan Noik is the Managing Editor for TechSmart Media Communications (TechSmart.co.za), covering all aspects of technology related topics, news, and reviews, and run FutureFocus, a social media channel that looks at major innovations in the tech space and beyond. He is also a senior IT journalist, photographer, copywriter, and content creator with nineteen years’ worth of experience working on newspapers, magazines and online publications.

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