EP73: One of SA's Marketing Rising stars. Brand Custodian at Mobile Guardian - Robyn Hobson

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat to another one of SA’s Marketing Rising Stars, Robyn Hobson, the Brand Custodian at Mobile Guardian where she is responsible for both marketing and sales. We discuss the important work that Mobile Guardian is doing, as a global company focused on improving education through technology, and how this is paving the way for the future of learning with ‘classroom to cloud’.

In another very interesting podcast, we examine her career and how she started out as a blogger to working at a tech start-up, from managing digital media for some really big clients from her lounge to leading a social media team and working on large-scale 360-degree campaigns, to returning to the classroom to do her MBA, and now being part of the leadership team at Mobile Guardian.

Robyn also talks about how marketing and sales should be closer, the importance of getting the buy-in from different people in projects, to recognising and appreciating that there are alternative ways of working and she offers some really great advice to young marketers out there - always stay curious.

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