EP61: Marketer of the Year Finalist - Heidi Brauer (Hollard)

This is the start of a 5-part mini-series on the Marketer of the Year Finalists at the year’s Marketing Achievement Awards, and we kick off by chatting with Heidi Brauer, the CMO of Hollard. So listen in to hear from the Best of the Best as we cover a range of interesting topics. Amongst other things, we chat about how to maximise your marketing spend and share of voice, and how Hollard (with a much smaller budget that their competitors), broke into the Kantar Brand Z list of Top 30 Most Valuable Brands in SA.

Hollard is renowned for its positive culture and being purpose-led with the business objective of ‘creating and securing better futures’ – we discuss this in more detail with Heidi elaborating on some initiatives like the Daredevil Run, Instastory Books and A Better Future Starts With Hello.

Heidi is also known as the ‘Brand Mama’ and has said that it takes a village to raise a brand and we chat about her overall approach to marketing, with practical advice for marketers of today and tomorrow. So, don’t miss out and listen to the entire series on The DOC & The GURU for free.

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