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#GROOTtrauma & Reg of Verkeerd met Pieter Cloete

Podcast · GROOTfm 90.5
Pieter se radioloopbaan het in 2010 by ’n klein gemeenskapsradiostasie begin. Hy het sy vlerke gesprei en in April 2016 die Knysnabos verruil vir Pretoria se stadsliggies, waar hy weeksaande jou uitgenooi het om saam met hom te kuier op GROOTfm 90.5 vanaf 18:00 elke aand. Met sy professionele, tog…
17 Jul 395 episodes Afrikaans News Commentary · Documentary

Azille Coetzee: In my vel, in ons taal

Podcast · Netwerk24
In 'n splinternuwe podsending, gesels die skrywer, Azille Coetzee, met sewe Suid-Afrikaners.
16 Dec 2020 6 episodes Afrikaans Documentary · Philosophy

Boots on the ground

Podcast · TimesLIVE Podcasts
In this short podcast series, we follow Sunday Times top investigative journalists as they cover the real stories that make-up SA’s national headlines. Boots on the ground is a true piece of mobile journalism — all interviews, voices and sound effects have been gathered using nothing but smartphones. Boots on…
27 Jun 42 episodes English Explicit Documentary · News Commentary

Breaking Through Barriers

Podcast · Tuks FM 107.2
Tuks FM 107.2 and the University of Pretoria's Disability Unit have joined forces to educate and bring awareness to the struggles faced by people living with disabilities and their strength in overcoming these. 18 (SL). Tuks FM 107.2 has signed a Code of Conduct that is enforced by the Broadcasting…
6 May 6 episodes English Education · Documentary

Checking In Mixtape - The COVID 19 Edition

Podcast · Kaya 959
The world is snowed under an avalanche of factoids and numbers during the Corona Virus outbreak. Beyond those statistics, Kagiso Mnisi teleports across the globe to forage for stories about how other storytellers are making sense of the times. He 'Checks In' on a few folks such as Journalists, authors,…
30 Jun 2020 8 episodes English Personal Journals · Documentary

Clearly Unfiltered

Podcast · Clearly Unfiltered Media
Clearly Unfiltered is a short-form podcast in which an aging, atypical human shares unsolicited and unfiltered thoughts.
15 Oct 2023 24 episodes English Documentary · Self-Improvement

Dan's Got Change!

Series · BrightRockZA
Interviews where Dan Nicholl interviews various celebrities that have been on the Dan Nicholl Show before, and discuss relevant topics about their lives currently and big Change Moments that they have recently been through, or will be facing in the near future.
7 Apr 2022 16 episodes English Entertainment News · Documentary

Early Morning with Sotho Meyer

Podcast · Kaya 959
Afropolitan listeners face a range of challenges that could make confronting each day difficult. Early Mornings with Sotho Meyer ensures that you start your day on an inspired note. The show plays a range of uplifting spiritual music to get you ready for whatever may lie ahead. Join Sotho Meyer…
17 Jan 2021 10PM 27 episodes English Explicit Spirituality · Documentary

Encounters with COVID

Series · Kusini, a media intiative of SCIS
A three-part miniseries discussing the intersection between inequality and COVID-19 as well as attempt to explain the various ways to fund the proposed socio-economic package. This mini-series will be hosted by the activist Shaeera Kalla and includes interviews with individuals such as Michael Sachs (Wits Adjunct Professor, former Budget Office…
24 Jun 2020 3 episodes English Documentary · Social Sciences

FEMME Conversations

Podcast · VOW FM 88.1
Welcome to “FEMME Conversations”. This is a three part podcast series titled “Femme Conversations” focussing on engagements which aim to empower, educate and shift perspectives around issues faced by females. Though the content is highly feminine, the dialogues and engagements are also targeted to society at large. The series is…
4 Dec 2020 3 episodes English Society & Culture · Documentary

First Person

Podcast · East Coast Radio Podcasts
Award-winning journalist and author, Marianne Thamm uncovers some of the extraordinary stories that lurk behind some of the most ordinary-looking South African front doors. Marianne asks questions, takes issue and peels back some of those ordinary layers to reveal the extraordinary lives underneath. She gets them to talk in the…
12 Oct 2016 7 episodes English Documentary · Personal Journals

FoundNation Podcast

Series · FoundNation Podcast
The FoundNation podcast is dedicated to the incredible people and organisations who are working towards making a positive impact on the nation of South Africa. The goal is to tell real stories about real people who are making a difference in the country, one province at a time.
10 Jan 2020 12 episodes English Read by Simoné Scott Documentary · Non-Profit


Podcast · HOT 102.7FM
From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes…
19 Jul 556 episodes English Entertainment News · Documentary

I Lived Through This

Podcast · Killer Audio Creations
I Lived Through This tells the stories of ordinary people who survived unimaginable situations. From being trapped in a destructive cult, surviving an abusive relationship, a fight with a wild animal, and even devastating natural disasters, survivors tell you their own powerful stories, in their own words. The podcast is…
31 Aug 2022 9 episodes English Documentary · Personal Journals

Justice for Kopano

Series · TimesLIVE Podcasts
An investigation into the death of 10-year-old Kopano Molelekedi and the cold case against her killer. Kopano Molelekedi was hit by a speeding car on the busy Albertina Sisulu road in Florida, Roodepoort on September 6, 2018. She was crossing the road to her home in Jerusalem informal settlement. The…
27 Jan 2021 5 episodes English True Crime · Documentary

KZN African National Congress

Podcast · Outside Broadcasting Facilities
The African National Congress (ANC) is the Republic of South Africa's governing political party. It has been the ruling party of post-apartheid South Africa since the election of Nelson Mandela in the 1994 election, winning every election since then. Cyril Ramaphosa, the incumbent President of South Africa, has served as…
0 episodes English Politics · Documentary


Podcast · OFM
In 'Kontreikuiers' kuier en klets Cyril Viljoen elke week met kleurvolle en interessante persone regoor sentraal Suid-Afrika.
13 Apr 2022 34 episodes Afrikaans Personal Journals · Documentary

Live Love Listen with Geniene Preston Live Wednesdays 12 to 3pm

Podcast · SA Commuter
Live with us as we talk to people who do amazing things and who live no matter what. Love our hobbies, our families, travel, pets , all the things that make us lovable humans. Listen to those who try and explain what goes on behind scams, round table discussions about…
15 Jul 7 episodes English Documentary · Documentary

My Only Story | Season 2: Back to School

Podcast · Media24
This investigation won gold in the Serialised Podcast category as well as a bronze in the Narrative/Documentary category at the 2022 New York Festivals Radio. It's My Only Story Season 2: Back to School - a podcast and a live investigation. Join us as we travel through South African schools,…
10 Dec 2021 8 episodes English Explicit News · Documentary

Oliver Reginald Tambo Documentary | A General And A Diplomat

Series · Kaya 959
The dual role of Oliver Reginald Kaizana Tambo as a General of uMkhontho weSizwe and Diplomat for the liberation movement; makes him by far a prominent figure in the African political and historical narratives. Featuring a stellar cast of commentators some including Dr. Lindiwe Mabuza and Dr. Zuki Tshabalala ,…
11 Dec 2019 1 episodes English History · Documentary
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