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Welcome to “FEMME Conversations”. This is a three part podcast series titled “Femme Conversations” focussing on engagements which aim to empower, educate and shift perspectives around issues faced by females. Though the content is highly feminine, the dialogues and engagements are also targeted to society at large. The series is hosted Boipelo Mooketsi is a radio presenter, writer and AFDA graduate who is a fervent supporter of the rights of women and children. She believes in lending her voice and using broadcasting platforms to advocate for the injustices faced by children, women, those who are vulnerable and less fortunate. She is in conversation with two guests Tumelo Gracious Ratlhogo and Oyama Botha. Tumelo Gracious Ratlhogo is a 24-year-old woman from Pretoria, who is passionate about women and success. She is currently studying towards her Masters degree in Educational Technology and Philosophy at the Witwatersrand University. Where she also formed part of a feminist organisation called 'Black Women Caucus', where her focus was on epistemic violence and GBV and Oyama Botha is the Founder and Owner for “Yammie Hearts and Curves”, she also a curve model who advocate for body positivity and a Oxford University and the University of Cape Town graduate.
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The Gender Based Violence pandemic in South Africa

In this episode Boipelo Mooketsi focusses on the critical matter of Gender Based Violence, the need for justice and the transformations around institutionalised prejudice. She gets an overview of different perspectives of these ideologies from her guests Tumelo Gracious Ratlhogo and Oyama Botha.
2 Dec 2020 13 min