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6 EPISODES | MULTIMEDIALIVE |  Podcast, ±1 hr 01 min episode every 1 week, 4 days
African Tech Roundup is a Johannesburg-based media and insights organisation, aka village square, which tracks the progress of Africa’s emerging digital, tech and innovation industries.

We produce podcasts, syndicated op-eds, omnichannel media projects, live events, in-depth fringe insights coverage of leading conferences and bespoke stakeholder interventions— with a finger on the pulse of the most pertinent ecosystem issues and aspirations, and a penchant for extracting and delivering candid insight and analysis.

We also play a key network mapping role which helps industry stakeholders gauge the nature and strength of the often indistinct interpersonal and inter-organisational relationships at play within the ecosystem.


15 EPISODES | CLOCKERS MEDIA |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 2 weeks, 6 days
SA tech news, views and how-tos, packed into 20 minutes a week. Hosted by SA tech industry veterans Lindsey Schutters and Gavin Dudley who dispense practical, common sense advice for living a digital lifestyle.

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5 EPISODES | THABANG THINKS |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every 2 weeks, 1 day
This is my take on the Tech News that have made headlines last week or so with a South African twist to it... While you are here I suggest you check out my blog on


165 EPISODES | TECHCENTRAL |  Podcast, ±49 min episode every 1 week, 4 days
TalkCentral is now tc://io. Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg talk about all things technology, local and international. (Send us a WhatsApp message on 071 999 1111. WhatsApp voice notes may be used on air - don't be shy.)

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