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Pick n Pay surpasses R1m a month in crypto payments.

That may seem like small change for a group tallying more than R9 billion a month in sales, but what's impressive is the exponential growth in crypto as a means of payment, and what people are spending on. Carel van Wyk, founder of Money Badger, the company which enabled the…
17 Jul 25 min

Bitcoin breaks ranks with traditional assets

Bitcoin has a low correlation to traditional assets such as equities, bonds and cash, and that correlation is weakening with time. Jason Welz, digital lead at alternative investment company Jaltech, explains how this reality is starting to stir traditional asset managers and investors into action.
10 Jul 26 min

Should you keep your crypto with your exchange?

Or move it to a wallet you control? Kreaan Singh, founder of crypto education platform CoinEd and project manager for distributed ledger technology at the CSIR, argues there is a time to keep your coins on the exchange, and a time to move them to self-custody.
3 Jul 25 min

Binance hits the 200m user mark and dwarfs the banks

The world financial system is undergoing radical change, and crypto is driving it. Binance's growth story over just seven years is a case study in that evolution, as its SA country manager Hannes Wessels explains.
26 Jun 22 min

Is bitcoin exhaustion setting in?

Bitcoin and ether prices have flat-lined in recent months, but don't be fooled. We are in the year of the bitcoin halving, which has historically been associated with a surge in prices, explains Omer Iqbal, CEO of FiveWest. The real trend to watch in the coming months is the adoption…
19 Jun 21 min

How to weed out the crypto fluff

There are more than 60 000 cryptocurrencies, most of them junk. The team at Riskbloq, headed by founder and CEO Nzwisisa Chidembo, has developed tools to filter out the noise and make sense of more than 3 000 of the more viable projects. This SA-developed toolkit is now getting the…
12 Jun 33 min

Turning tangible assets into crypto tokens set to revolutionise finance

Law firm Schindlers has set up a tokenised exchange for raising capital and trading real-world assets such as houses, solar power systems and real estate. Maurice Crespi, managing partner at Schindlers Attorneys, says this is a financial revolution with potentially vast implications for traditional stock exchanges.
5 Jun 25 min

Bitcoin proves its mettle as an instrument of freedom

Bradley Rettler, co-author of a new book called 'Resistance Money' and associate professor of philosophy at the University of Wyoming explains how bitcoin has proven itself as an instrument of freedom against political and economic oppression.
29 May 33 min

Bitcoin's resurging dominance of the crypto seas

Omer Iqbal, CEO of crypto and payments company FiveWest, says bitcoin's crypto market cap dominance is driven largely by institutional adoption but sees an emerging challenge from second-placed contender Ethereum.
8 May 18 min

Is this the future of banking?

Joey Garcia, chief legal and regulatory officer at Xapo Private Bank, which does not do fractional reserve lending and holds its reserves in bitcoin, offers a bold new vision for the future of banking.
1 May 21 min

Welcome to a new era for crypto

Hannes Wessels, Binance's SA country manager, explains what the bitcoin "halving" event means for crypto, coming in the same week that multiple licenses were issued for crypto asset service providers.
24 Apr 24 min

Can AI predict crypto price moves?

Stuart Perry, co-founder of GG Tech Solutions, explores some fascinating AI developments in financial markets and concludes that AI models are getting much better at predicting price moves in both cryptos and stocks.
17 Apr 32 min

Ditching the rand to survive on bitcoin only

Software developer Kgothatso Ngako is part of a growing network of people who have ditched the rand, the US dollar and any other fiat currency to make their way in life using bitcoin only.
10 Apr 23 min

Bitcoin's rollercoaster: will it be different this time?

VALR CEO Farzam Ehsani talks about bitcoin's famed volatility, why bitcoin's current bull run still has legs, and whether we can expect more rollercoaster action once the bull run exhausts. Or whether it will be different this time.
3 Apr 24 min

Crypto prices are booming, but so are the scams

Carel de Jager, research group leader for distributed ledger technologies at the CSIR, shares insights on some of the new scams where even crypto aficionados are being artfully separated from their wealth and their wallets.
27 Mar 31 min

Institutions flood into bitcoin: What this mean for investors

Wiehann Olivier, digital asset lead at Mazars, weighs in on whether the JSE will follow the US lead in authorising exchange traded traded funds (ETFs) and whether the imminent issue of financial service provider licenses to crypto companies will slam the door on crypto scams in SA.
20 Mar 24 min

Houses for Africa: How Empowa has changed the landscape

Empowa's Glen Jordan explains that the lower end of the housing market in Africa is actually less risky than the mid-market and how the company plans to impact one million families across the continent by 2030 using a blockchain-based financing solution.
5 Mar 25 min
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