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How the crypto industry is redefining ownership

Blockchain is transforming everything we know about ownership. This is the killer use case for blockchain - establishing title to property and, with that, the ability to transfer and trade property rights. It's a fascinating world we are about to enter, explains Steven Sidley, author of 'It's Mine: How the…
20 Sep 27 min

The taxi industry goes cashless

Eastern Cape taxi operators embrace blockchain technology as they ditch cash and start to compete with the major retailers, explains Sonny Fisher of ForUS.
13 Sep 29 min

Converting Namibians to bitcoin one beer at a time

If Nikolai Tjongarero of EasySats meets someone unfamiliar with bitcoin, he gives them the two-minute elevator pitch and buys them a beer, paid, of course, with bitcoin. He's making tons of happy friends and winning them over to bitcoin in the process.
30 Aug 21 min

What happens to your crypto when you die?

Between four and six million Bitcoin have been forever list because the owners lost their passwords or threw away their hard drives. Brandon Sylvester of Sanlam Trust explains that few people realise that cryptos are not automatically passed on to beneficiaries on death. That's a huge potential loss.
16 Aug 15 min

Can cryptos help solve Africa's inflation problem?

Richard Schoeman, CFO at crypto and payments company Yellow Card, explains how Africans have discovered a love for cryptos as a way to shield themselves from inflation and local currency weakness.
2 Aug 21 min

Going gridless bitcoin mining in Africa

Erik Hersman, co-founder of Gridless Mining, explains how the company is using spare power from independent power producers in Africa to set up bitcoin mines, and explores whether private solar power in SA can be turned to profit.
26 Jul 24 min

Crypto volumes are perking up

Hannes Wessels, general manager for Binance in southern Africa, explains how crypto volumes have responded to srging prices in 2023, and what the future of finance looks like.
12 Jul 22 min

Local Bitcoin economies are sprouting up across SA

Glenn Jooste, founder of Bitcoin Ubuntu in Swellendam in the Western Cape, explains how you can now live and thrive in Bitcoin-only economies. Going off the financial grid is fast becoming a reality, and communities like Bitcoin Ubuntu and nearby Bitcoin Ekasi in Mossel Bay, and Bitcoin Witsand are taking…
4 Jul 28 min

The arrival of open banking in SA

Thomas Pays, founder of Ozow, explains how the company acquired eight million customers in a decade, challenging even Capitec's blistering growth, and how 'open banking' - incorporating crypto payments - is the wave of the future, allowing third parties the ability to access financial data, simplify transactions and massively increase…
28 Jun 33 min

Bitcoin loves a banking crisis

Rob Price of Sound Money Capital explains why we should expect more turmoil in the banking sector, and why this may be good for Bitcoin.
7 Jun 40 min

Mastercard embraces crypto and puts it to the coffee test

Rob Brine, director for cyber and intelligence solutions at Mastercard, explains how the card company successfully fights off 200 cyber attacks a minute and whether cryptos as a payments mechanism come anywhere close to traditional card payments for something as simple as a cup of coffee.
10 May 29 min
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