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The Voice of the Cape's weekly youth show, Real Talk, airs every Friday between 7-9 pm and promises to bring all the heat. Tauhierah Salie and Aneeqa Du Plessis are striving to educate, entertain, engage in constructive debate and promote independent thinking aligned with Islamic values- with chilled vibes of course! The show features business profiles, industry experts, uplifting initiatives and puts your mental to the test with trivia and other games throughout.

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Nasreen Salie speaks all things Goo Chee Mama

A local muslimah and fashionista has revamped the famous “Gucci” brand, usually exclusive to the rich. Introducing: Goo Chee Mama! Chique and affordable modest wear for any woman, of any size, for any occasion. A dynamic collaboration between industry professionals hit the ground running in December 2019, with a vision to design, manufacture and sell a wide range of garments under one roof. Goo Chee Mama hopes to cater to the needs of women from all walks of life and is home to leisure, sports, casual and formal wear for all shapes, ages and styles.

Founder Nasreen Salie spoke to Real Talk about the humble beginnings and hopes for the future. Listen to the full audio below!

To view the products, hit the links below or contact 082 594 5838. Alternatively, visit the store at No 3 Carrick Crescent, Athlone Industria, Cape Town (Opposite Elite Cash n Carry and above HQ foods)
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UCT student Aaminah Domingo speaks social media trends amid arrival of Palestinian Activist Muna El-Kurd

With the rise of social media in the 21st century, we give credit to its ability to translate into the mobilization of people in real life. This has been achieved through many a social media trend such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, “Climate Justice” and “Free Palestine”. As Palestinian activist Muna El-Kurd touched down in Cape Town this week, the focus was predominately on the latter. But why is it that social media trends die out so quickly? And how can we maintain its momentum?

Real Talk asked the social media sphere about the matter and linked up with UCT student Aaminah Domingo to hear her thoughts. The passionate South African is among those vying for the liberation of Palestine and the condemnation of the Apartheid state of Israel. The 20-year-old also speaks about the importance of advocacy and how El-Kurd has inspired her. Listen to the full conversation below:

The Hood Kitchen's co-founder Anwar Arendse

The Hood Kitchen Mitchell's Plain- "Connecting #capetown #southafrica and the #world Indeed". That is exactly what the team behind the latest local cuisine is seeking to accomplish- connect the world to the "lekker dyt" available exclusively to the Mother City! Taking a deeply rooted, community approach to good food; The Hood Kitchen serves a variety of traditional burger joint specials with unique Kaapse twist.

Real Talk chatted to co-founder Anwar Arendse to get the low down on the business' humble beginnings and where it plans to grow to in coming months. Listen to the full audio or hit the links below to check out their menu and social platforms.
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Razbeecka's Boutique Founder chats about unique modest wear

In a bid to keep up with trends, many fashion outlets fall short of providing real "modest wear" options. Cape Town based Razbeecka's Boutique, however, promises to deliver beautiful, flattering outfits and Islamic accessories for every occasion. Founder Razbeecka Turner popped by VOC's Salt River studios to tell Real Talk about her vision to make quality clothing and authentic books accessible.

Listen to the full conversation! Check the business out on social media via the links below, email or Whatsapp directly to 067 233 9599.
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Founder Abdul Jaleel Jabodien on the Women's Needs Organisation

Amid an indecent coupling of ongoing Gender-Based violence and inadequate access to services plaguing the lives and homes of South Africans, a new organisation seeks to provide relief to women in need. The newly launched Women's Needs Organisation aims to make Cape Town the hub of aid for those affected by abuse. A multi-facetted approach will make use of professional services to cater to womens' physical, emotional and legal concerns and enable the creation of a sustainable future.

Founder Abdul Jaleel Jabodien joined Real Talk to unpack this vital resource. Visit the links below to find out more about the organisation or contact 081 883 2162 or email Listen to the full interview below:
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Raadiyah Smith talks @Radz_Artistry

Youthful Capetonian artist Raadiyah Smith joined Real Talk to talk about getting her art business off the ground. The young woman highlighted how the Quran inspired her journey. Visit her social media pages to see more visuals and click below to listen to her full interview:
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Chair Ilyaas Amien on UCT MSA's annual Islam Week

As Muslim youth continue to grapple with navigating an increasingly Westernized society, the Muslim Student Association at UCT will be delving into the essence of Islam as a solution to several societal ills. A host of learned speakers and enthusiastic youth will take centre stage in the mostly virtual event, between Monday 9 August 2021 and Saturday 14 August. The line-up includes an outreach programme and crucial discussions such as the "Science and Islam", "Medical benefits of Faith", "Islamic history in the Cape" and "Adaab in Islam". Participants of all ages can look forward to a week of riveting information sharing and spiritual upliftment In Sha Allah. Links to the annual event are attached below.

UCT MSA Chair Ilyaas Amien spoke to Real Talk about the event:
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Hafiz Achmat Solomon speaks to unemployed youth

As Real Talk unpacks the newly reinstated R350 grant and its impact on the youth; the Isnad Academy’s Hafiz Achmat Solomon takes an Islamic perspective. We look at the way Muslim leaders had assisted the most vulnerable in society, what unemployed youth can do to stay positive and what the Quran and Sunnah says about being the recipient of financial aid.

Substance Abuse Expert David Bayever on the #LeanOnMe campaign

As Real Talk advances through South Africa’s Youth Month, we recognized the old-age concern around substance abuse. In a country where an array of drugs is readily available to the masses, increasingly so for the youth, we spoke to a Substance Abuse Expert to unpack the how’s, why’s and what-to-do’s. While creating new concoctions with drug addicts chasing a new high, a growing trend on the Cape Flats is the use of codeine- found in cough mixtures- along with other ingredients such as fizzy drinks. Dubbed “lean” in social circles, the mixture is sipped like a cold drink and has an intoxicating, calming effect which can last anywhere between 3 and 6 hours. Children as young as 12 have been found to become addicted.

Real Talk spoke to Substance Abuse Expert David Bayever about the #LeanOnMe campaign to combat the scourge.
Addiction Center. Codeine Addiction and Abuse Codeine Side Effects: Is Addiction Possible? Lean Drink aka Purple Drank: Deadly Effects Risks and Treatment SA helplines Addiction

Busi Selena talks GUFI's upcoming youth event

In commemoration of Youth Day on June 16th, the Gugulethu urban farming initiative (GUFI) is set to host 15 kids who will be taught how to grow crop from seed up. The organisation aims to use agriculture education to uplift communities and teach youth about sustainable farming. This weeks event will be held in collaboration with Garden MAD - which is an abbreviation for Music, Art, Dance and Drama. There will also be a permablitz.

Real Talk spoke to GUFI communications manager Busi Selena.

What does Islam say about music?

After Nike distanced itself from the “Satan Shoes” created in a collab by rapper Lil Nas X and MSCHF, the Real Talk team was surprised to see the amount of support the artist received online. The uproar however raised important questions around the influence music has on youth, particularly young muslims. Varying opinions arose over music in Islam, with Sh Zaid Fataar and Sh Fakhruddin Owaisi sharing their view (skip to 11.21).

As a muslim, what is your take on music?

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