UCT student Aaminah Domingo speaks social media trends amid arrival of Palestinian Activist Muna El-Kurd

With the rise of social media in the 21st century, we give credit to its ability to translate into the mobilization of people in real life. This has been achieved through many a social media trend such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, “Climate Justice” and “Free Palestine”. As Palestinian activist Muna El-Kurd touched down in Cape Town this week, the focus was predominately on the latter. But why is it that social media trends die out so quickly? And how can we maintain its momentum?

Real Talk asked the social media sphere about the matter and linked up with UCT student Aaminah Domingo to hear her thoughts. The passionate South African is among those vying for the liberation of Palestine and the condemnation of the Apartheid state of Israel. The 20-year-old also speaks about the importance of advocacy and how El-Kurd has inspired her. Listen to the full conversation below: