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The South African Mental Health & Business Podcast Channel. Sharing real-life stories of struggles, success and secrets to reach optimal performance.
Monthly English Explicit South Africa Business · Education
32 Episodes
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#31 When Entrepreneurship Tests You, Yet Remains the Optimal Path

In this episode, we dive deep into the intricate world of entrepreneurship, exploring the paradox that it embodies: the rollercoaster ride between the lows that make it feel like the absolute worst job and the highs that make it the best choice one could make. With candor and insight, I…
9 Apr 28 min

#30 60 Days Sober | I Feel Superhuman

Approaching my 36th birthday in 2023, I felt a compelling urge to prioritize my health and well-being like never before. With over a year of sober curiosity, I was intrigued by the untapped possibilities that could unfold if I abstained from weekend drinking. Eager to explore the potential boost in…
4 Mar 19 min

#29 Before you become the face of your business, listen to this!

Starting a business where you are the face opens up incredible avenues for authenticity and building strong connections with your audience. However, it also brings forth challenges like over-reliance, privacy concerns, vulnerability, and the substantial time commitment it demands. In our latest episode, we explore the unique opportunities and potential…
15 Feb 25 min

#28 5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner

In this episode I share my 5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner, because when it comes to embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, selecting the right business partner is a crucial decision! The person you choose to share this endeavor with can significantly impact the trajectory of your…
21 Nov 2023 8 min

#26 Breaking Free from People Pleasing: How It Holds You Back and Empowering Change

Dive into the intricate world of people-pleasing with Sharmon Reddington from Mumwell. Discover how this subtle behavior influences our decisions and learn effective strategies to break free. From recognizing its impact to reclaiming your intuition, this conversation is packed with actionable advice to help you embrace authenticity and regain control…
25 Oct 2023 53 min

#25 5 Game-Changers That Transformed My Mental Health

I'm excited to share with you these 5 things that have been game-changers in completely revolutionizing my mental health journey! Bold statement, I know… Life's fudging unexpected curveballs prompted these transformative practices that not only shifted my perspective but have also had a profound change to my daily life.
11 Oct 2023 31 min

#24 Marisa Tallie - 5 Things to know before starting a business

In this episode, we're about to uncover five transformative factors that could have made a world of difference if I'd known them before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned because, in particular, Number 4 isn't just advice; it's a mindset that can be your guiding light in the world…
20 Sep 2023 30 min

#23 Robyn Davie - Breaking Norms and Relocating with Ambition

An Entrepreneur's Journey from Johannesburg to Hamburg: an inspiring conversation with fellow entrepreneur, Robyn Davie, the CEO of Robyn Davie Creative Studio. We chatted to Robyn about how she managed to relocate from Johannesburg to Hamburg while still leading her South African-based company. Curiosity at an all-time high, I couldn't…
7 Sep 2023 50 min

#22 Marisa Tallie - Launching multiple businesses starting at 25

Venturing into the unknown and launching multiple businesses starting at age 25… Welcome to this unscripted and candid episode, where I'll be sharing my career journey of the past 10 years. It all started when I was thrown into the grueling and cut-throat world of PR at the young age…
1 Aug 2023 50 min

#21 Donna Gray - Changing Careers, Leaving Corporate and Finding Purpose

We delve into the inspiring journey of Donna Gray, who left her corporate career to help women unlock their potential and create lives they love. Discover valuable insights on finding purpose, overcoming burnout, and making career shifts. Whether you're starting a business, feeling trapped in your job, or contemplating a…
5 Jul 2023 56 min

#20 Sharmon Reddignton - Sacrifices for your partner’s career

We chat with our very special returning guest, counsellor, and owner of Mumwell, Sharmon Reddington, delving into the topic of making sacrifices for your partner's career, and exploring its nuances in today's context. Sharmon defines sacrifices within the context of prioritizing your partner's career and we discuss why sacrifice isn't…
21 Jun 2023 1 hr 07 min

#18 Xanthi Georgiades – When to Outsource & the Challenges of Being a Boss

Xanthi Georgiades - We chat about the challenges of wearing multiple hats as business owners, knowing when to outsource, when to ask for help and how to navigate the evolving social media landscape and demands. Xanthi is the Founder of The Digital Collar social media agency, covering a portfolio of…
15 Nov 2022 37 min

#17 Minette Röth - Hormone Imbalances, Weight Fluctuations and Sugar Cravings

Minette Röth - In this episode, our guest host is the Founder of Fitmom and fitness coach Ash Iovino. Ash chats to Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Minette Röth about Hormonal Health, touching on stubborn weight loss, sugar cravings, and hormonal imbalances that impact our overall health. Minette lives by her nutrition…
25 Oct 2022 50 min

#16 Ash Iovino - How Protein Can Transform Your Body & Build Strength

Ash Iovino – In this episode with Ash (FitMom), we chat more about how protein can transform your body and build strength in ways that you may never have known possible. We also share our personal wellness journeys and how forming small consistent habits can help you achieve your goals…
30 Aug 2022 37 min

#15 Ash Iovino - Weight Loss, Quitting Diets & Creating a Healthy Mindset

Ash Iovino - I chat to Ash, aka FitMom, about quitting diets for good, improving our relationship with food, and the personal physical and mental transformations that we have both experienced from our twenties to our late thirties. Ash is a certified personal trainer, who created the FitMom community over…
23 Aug 2022 34 min
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