#15 Ash Iovino - Weight Loss, Quitting Diets & Creating a Healthy Mindset

Ash Iovino - I chat to Ash, aka FitMom, about quitting diets for good, improving our relationship with food, and the personal physical and mental transformations that we have both experienced from our twenties to our late thirties.

Ash is a certified personal trainer, who created the FitMom community over 7 years ago to offer women sustainable health and fitness resources and support that will transform their lives for the better. As a mom of 3, Ash is incredibly inspiring, and pretty badass if you ask me. As she approaches her 40’s her body is stronger than ever before, and she continues to coach hundreds of ambitious women seeking healthier and happier lives through her FitMom App, FitMom Forever 1:1 coaching, and her most recent offering, the FitMom Strong Challenge.

If you are interested in joining the FitMom Strong Challenge, head on over to fitmom.online (https://fitmom.online/fitmom-strong/) or follow @ash_fitmom on Instagram, and join the challenge starting 5 September. Discount code: get 15% off when using Stream15 at checkout