Cape Pulpit 729AM Get Up & Go Breakfast - Awareness Health - Dr Wendy Christien

Get Up & Go Breakfast - Awareness Health - Dr Wendy Christien

Wendy is a wellness practitioner and an health coach at Intergrated Health Solutions and she helps us ensure we manage our bodies well, to get the best out of them.
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Dr Wendy Christien - Why Stress Makes Us Fat

Stress can contribute to weight gain through several interconnected mechanisms like: Hormonal Changes, Cravings for High-Calorie Foods, Disrupted Eating Patterns and more. Dr Wendy walks us through how stress affects us and how to best combat it, and how it makes us feel.
16 May 10 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Proper Breathing For Good Health

Deep breathing, which is also referred to as diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing, is not only beneficial for out physical health but also for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Many of us don’t give attention to our breathing and we breathe more shallowly than we should be. When we don't…
25 Apr 10 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Blood

Blood is a specialized body fluid that is essential to life. The four main components of blood are red blood cells, plasma, white blood cells, and platelets. Keeping our blood healthy ensures that our organs and tissues can function optimally. For this reason, it is important that we provide our…
18 Apr 10 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Supplementation

Wendy is a wellness practitioner and an health coach at Intergrated Health Solutions and she helps us ensure we manage our bodies well, to get the best out of them.
11 Apr 6 min

Dr Wendy Christien - What's On Our Food Labels - Part 1

Food labels are crucial sources of information that provide consumers with details about the nutritional content, ingredients, and other important aspects of packaged food products. Dr Wendy walks us through the Nutrition Facts Panel, the Ingredients List, serving size and the calories and macronutrients:
28 Mar 11 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Eating for better eye health

Our diets play a significant role in the health of our eyes and our eyesight. Certain nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin and amino acids like taurine and L-carnitine, are essential for promoting good vision and protecting against…
14 Mar 12 min

Dr Wendy Christien - The Toxic Gut

When we consume a diet that is high in unhealthy fats and processed foods, and are exposed toxins from the environment, the liver and the gallbladder are overworked which can result in a toxic gut. Too much fat and not enough fiber in our diets puts a lot of pressure…
29 Feb 10 min

Dr Wendy Christien - The Gastric Gut

This gut type arises from chronically poor digestive processes, the use of antacids, and the subsequent lack of absorption of nutrients which prevents the digestive system from sending nutrients to the organs. Many people with this gut type struggle with acid reflux, a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), bloating and…
22 Feb 11 min

Dr Wendy Christien - The Immune Gut

The immune gut can be triggered by the use of prescription medication, antibiotics, and the consumption of an inflammatory diet. Emotions such as disappointment, grief, and depression can also contribute to symptoms associated with this gut type.
15 Feb 11 min

Dr Wendy Christien - The Stressed Gut

Emotional stress combined with the overconsumption of sugar and carbohydrates stresses the adrenal and thyroid glands as well as the kidneys, resulting in gut permeability and a stressed gut.
8 Feb 13 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Candida Gut

This gut type is related to yeast overgrowth which can be caused by contraceptive pills, antibiotics, and other medications, or consuming a high sugar diet or foods that create “dampness” in the body such as bananas, wheat and gluten grains, and dairy products, especially cow’s milk. Chronic anxiety is also…
1 Feb 11 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Intro into Gut Types

Over the next 5 weeks Dr Wendy will look at each of the different gut types in detail. It is important to identify which digestive type most describes the problems that we experience with our guts if we want to be able to address the symptoms we experience and help…
25 Jan 12 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Small Changes for a Big 2024

Many of us believe that we need to make big changes to get any results, but making small, consistent changes can be far more beneficial in the long run. When we try to make drastic changes, it can often be too overwhelming, so we tend to run out of steam…
4 Jan 12 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Sleep Hygiene

Not everyone has a problem sleeping, but for those people who do, maybe some new practices nduring the day and leading up to bedtime could help. What is sleep hygiene?
28 Dec 2023 12 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Surviving the Christmas Table

The Christmas season can often be a time of overindulgence. We could all do with some reminders and tips on how to take great care of ourselves so that we can survive the Christmas table as best as we can without setting ourselves back too much.
21 Dec 2023 11 min

Dr Wendy Christien - Burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion which is caused by excessive, prolonged stress. It occurs when there are constant demands that make you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet all that is required of daily life.
14 Dec 2023 10 min

Wendy Christien - Memory and forgetfulness

Like our bodies, our brains change as we age. Some of us can find that our memory recall and remembering new information can be more challenging than it was previously. It is important to differentiate between mild forgetfulness and cognitive decline that leads to more serious memory problems like dementia.
7 Dec 2023 11 min

Wendy Christien - Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that is important for the regulation of muscle contractions and nerve function, and it is also involved, along with sodium, in the regulation of our fluid balance. Every tissue in the body needs potassium so it is therefore an essential mineral.
16 Nov 2023 11 min
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