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Mission Radio Cape Pulpit is an independent, trans-cultural and trans-denominational media organisation. Our divine assignment is to proclaim the Gospel message through the production and broadcasting of radio programmes, supported by other electronic media, publications and community initiatives. Our focus is to be a companion to believers in their journey of faith and win unbelievers for Christ. We participate in radio missionary activities by facilitating and establishing Christian radio ministries in Africa and provide training and development opportunities for Christian broadcasters.

Recent podcast episodes

Voice Of Change - Jill McElya

01.06.2023 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Jill McElya, an attorney, whose experience includes extensive public service, in both criminal and civil law practice. In January 2008, she moved to India to serve as the Deputy Director for the Chennai field office of an international…
1 Jun 42 min

Lizette Volkwyn - Decode Deceit - 1 Junie 2023

Het jy geweet dat daar tussen 10 en 200 keer per dag vir jou gejok word en dat jy gedurende hierdie tydperk ten minste een of twee keer ook oneerlik is met jouself? As jy al ooit gewens het om te weet wanneer iemand vir jou jok, is DECODE DECEIT…
1 Jun 15 min

Wendy Christien - Prebiotics

Prebiotics are an indigestible dietary fiber that encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Because they are not digestible, they travel to the lower parts of the intestines where they become a food source for our friendly gut bacteria. Wendy tells us how to know if you lack…
1 Jun 12 min