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The Discovery COVID-19 podcast

Our expert guests’ share key insights to help you to really understand Coronavirus Disease 2019. Learn all you need to know about maintaining your mental, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing – and more – in the context of COVID-19. Empower yourself with the facts. Stay informed. Stay healthy. All brought to you by Discovery.
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Dr Despina Demopoulos: “The COVID-19 vaccine is the way to go”

Dr Despina Demopoulos, a paediatric intensivist and head of the paediatric ICU at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg, shares the way in which COVID-19 vaccines have brought hope and kept many doctors and healthcare workers going through the very tough experience of the pandemic. She adds: “Don’t…
27 Jul 2021 9 min

Dr Sumy Thomas: “COVID-19 vaccines save lives”

Dr Sumy Thomas says that for the elderly and for people who live with chronic illnesses, COVID-19 is “a matter of life and death”. She explains the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines and encourages everyone, especially the elderly, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
22 Jul 2021 11 min

5 ways to cultivate compassionate leadership in turbulent times

In our dramatically changed world, mental health is not the private space it once may have been for leaders and employees. The pressures brought to bear by the Covid-19 pandemic have meant an increase in stress, anxiety and mental illnesses across the spectrum, for people the world over. The world…
5 Nov 2020 8 min

Opening special needs schools safely in the context of COVID-19

Ilana Gerschlowitz is director of the Star Academy, which caters for the education needs of children on the autism spectrum or with a related disorder. She is also the author of a book called “Saving my sons - a journey with autism”. In her latest podcast, she shares key insights…
22 Sep 2020 13 min

Manage your COVID-19 re-entry anxiety

When COVID-19 lockdown was first instituted it might have felt unfathomable to stay at home almost 24-7. Now despite the easing of alert levels, for some of us it may feel strange and nerve-wracking to do anything but stay at home. Psychotherapist Louisa Niehaus explains why we may be feeling…
28 Jul 2020 11 min

Make sense of your feelings of suffering

Clinical psychologist Dessy Tzoneva says it’s impossible to deny that being human comes with many limitations. People we love can become ill and die. We might suffer illness or serious injury. Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought these realities to the fore for us all, also acting as…
26 Jun 2020 11 min

Are COVID-19-related pressures burning out your people?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive uncertainty to South African and global businesses. Psychologist James Gower says that up to 80% of employees – especially those working remotely – feel the need to prove to that they are working hard. With fear of retrenchment looming large for many employees, people…
25 Jun 2020 13 min

Tools for healthcare professionals to cope with the stresses of COVID-19

Medicine is a stressful profession under normal circumstances. Medical personnel are even more at risk of burnout so under crisis conditions such as during a pandemic. Psychotherapist Louisa Niehaus, looks at how healthcare professionals can cope during the time of extreme anxiety and uncertainty brought by COVID-19. This is a…
12 Jun 2020 12 min
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