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Bettering our Health Care System

Hey guys!

Welcome back to the 3 part mini-series! This is the last episode with Docs in Slops and we will be chatting about how to better the current system and what plans are already in place.

Issues Faced in our Healthcare System

Hey guys! We hope you enjoyed last weeks introduction to the Docs in Slops team.

This week we are going to be diving into some heavy topics - specifically relating to the issues faced in our healthcare system.

It’s something all of us are affected by, so stay tuned because the Docs in Slops team helps us break it down!

Meet the Docs in Slops

Hey guys and welcome back! Over the next few weeks we have put together a mini series that will be making its debut!

We are chatting to the notorious Docs in Slops and handling quite a heavy topic - the South African healthcare system.

This episode we meet the team!

The Process of Specialty

For the last episode of season 2 we will be taking a dive into the process of specialty!

It's a long journey to becoming a general practitioner but many of us that are still fledglings don't quite know how to go about specializing and for many of us it's a dream waiting to happen.

So we brought someone in to offer advice and perspectives on how to go about it.

Perspectives on Med School

This week we will be discussing perspectives on medical school - does it prepare you for the reality that you will one day face and the journey of it!

Integrative Medicine

On this weeks episode we will be discussing something that not many medical professionals are aware of - Integrative medicine. ⁣

Are you interested? Because you should be! It’s the new way forward in medicine, a combination of the best of the best.

Moments That Shaped Us

This week we decided to change things up and thought it was about time you got to know us better!

Joey and I will be talking about the moments that shaped us in Med school.

Approach to Clinical Examinations

Hey guys! We hope you enjoyed last weeks episode. This week we will be talking about every medical students worst nightmare - clinical exams and how to prepare.

Listen now to find out more!

Balancing It All

Hey guys and welcome back!

Covid 19 has obviously caused many changes for everyone but we haven't let it rain on our parade! We are back with season 2 after our mini series and we thought we would kick it off with something many medical students try and reach for - balance.

In this episode we have brought together a couple of different perspectives to weigh in on something so difficult to attain.

Hope you enjoy!

Finance Tips for Young Doctors

It’s no secret that as young Drs our salaries are pretty reasonable.

The journey to financial freedom is however different for everyone - some of us have loans to pay off, families to support or we are blessed enough to be able to do as we please. ⁣

So, we decided to bring in a financial expert to help advise us on how to manage our money to achieve our best possible outcome!

Medical Experiences from a 2nd Year Intern

In our second episode we address what the life of a young medical Dr is like. As I'm sure many of you know, being a medical student has many challenges in all sizes, shapes and forms. There are a lot of good times, but a lot of heart breaking ones too. So we thought we'd open up the floor to start a conversation around this all - what moments have made medicine great as well as what challenges we might face and how to get through it.

Internship Application Process

Often as medical students in South Africa, one of the biggest things we wonder about is where we will be placed for internship. There are so many things to consider whilst doing your application and unfortunately for us, most of us aren’t aware of all the hospitals in South Africa, let alone what they are like to work at. ⁣

So we brought in Dr Robert Kieser who has just been through the process to offer advice and guidance on how to go about it and what resources to use in order to get the best outcome for you!

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