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Discussions around the challenges that travellers with disabilities face when visiting tourism establishments, conversations with industry leaders on best practices being implemented, and empowerment for those wishing to embark on this universal access journey.

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32 - Accessible Safaris with Epic Enabled

Lois Strachan speaks with Sabine Smith from Epic Enabled, an accessible tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Epic Enabled was founded by Alfie Smith, who qualified as a mechanic and started travelling as a youngster. He started Epic Expeditions in 1992. Sabine was born in Switzerland and joined Alfie in 1994. In 2001 they started Epic Enabled to provide accessible safaris for people with disabilities. They opened the Epic Guesthouse in 2010 - a fully accessible guesthouse in Cape Town.

Contact information:
Website: www.epic-enabled.com and www.epic-guesthouse.com
Email & Phone: info@epic-enabled.com and +27 732282825
Facebook / Instagram: @epicenabled

In our Travel Tech corner, Zoe and Gerhard at Edit Microsystems introduce an adapted digital camera made by BJ Live. It is a 12mp camera with an automatic flash, 5 times digital zoom and a 4GB SD card. It is operated with a switch that can be positioned according to personal preference.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

"I love to travel, I hate having my life disrupted by routine." Caskie Stinnett.

#EpicEnabled #EditMicro #AccessibleSafari #AccessibleTours

31 - Going on the Hajj as a Blind Traveller with Zakariya Moola

Lois Strachan speaks with Zakariya Moola about his experience going on Hajj as a person with a visual impairment.

Zakariya was born in Durban and schooled in Pietermaritzburg. He completed a Bachelor of Social Science degree and has his own business retailing stationery. He has been visually impaired since birth.

Zakariya's first overseas trip was in 1989 when he went to Saudi Arabia for a minor pilgrimage called Umrah, during his December holidays and again in 1993. In 2003 and 2016 he did the Hajj, the major pilgrimage to Mecca. He has also travelled to the UK, Dubai, India, Turkey and Palestine. Lois chats with him about the logistics of how he navigates and the technology he uses when he travels as a person who is blind.

Our service provider spotlight features the I Love Coffee Shop, situated in Cape Town, and run by deaf baristas and chefs.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

Today's quote is by Helen Keller: "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."

30- Cindy Jacobsz, a Visually Impaired Cyclist & Triathlete

In today's episode, our host, Lois Strachan, speaks with Cindy Jacobsz who is a visually impaired cyclist and triathlete, and recently took a trip to the Himalayas.

Cindy is a mother of 2 daughters. She works in employee health and wellness, and occupational health & safety and transformation. Cindy has macular degeneration, which was diagnosed at 16 years old. She went to a school for partially sighted in Pretoria for 2.5 years and then studied a BA in Psychology & registered with HPC as a psychologist. Cindy wanted to re-register a few years ago but was denied because of her sight.

Our Travel Tech Corner features the Shakershak Portable vibrating alarm clock –made by Sonic Alert. This device is available from Edit Microsystems in Sea Point, Cape Town. They can be reached on info@editmicro.co.za with a discount through quoting ASA.

29 - Travelling with Chronic Anxiety Disorder with Anjali Singla

This week Lois speaks to Anjali Singla from Delhi in India, on the topic of psychosocial disabilities, in particular, travelling with Chronic Anxiety Disorder. Anjali is a psychologist by training, and currently she is working with an NGO in India called The Banyan that works with homeless people who experience mental illness. She is also a research associate and part time faculty teacher at the Department of Psychology, with her area of expertise being trauma psychology, working with refugees & tribal populations.

Anjali can be contacted at anjali@balm.in and Twitter accounts to follow ar @banyanbalm, @AnjaliSingla20 and @MGMentalHealth.

Our service provider spotlight highlights the Warrior On Wheels Foundation’s upcoming participation in the Cape Town Cycle Tour where children with disabilities are given the #GiftOfAdventure by being towed in buggies by cyclists. This event is made possible by the generous donations of sponsors – to find out more visit www.warrioronwheels.co.za/cape-town-cycle-tour/

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Anonymous

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

#mgmh #TheBanyan #BALM #GiftOfAdventure #WOWBuggyTeam #WarriorOnWheels

28 - Saul Molobi on Adapting to Travelling with a Disability

Lois Strachan speaks with Saul Molobi who shares his story about his first overseas trip as a traveller with a disability. Saul is a businessman, entrepreneur and also involved in radio. He has experience as a public servant, having worked for government in marketing & communications, and has also served as a diplomat.

Saul became disabled 3 years ago as a result of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder where a person's immune system attacks their nervous system.

Saul can be contacted on saulm@ggda.co.za

Our Travel Tech Corner features the Sunu Band navigational device available from Edit Microsystems. It is a wrist-worn device which attempts to augment obstacle detection for people with visual impairments.

For information, contact Edit Microsystems on 021 433 2520 or gerhard@editmicro.co.za and quote ASA as the reference to receive a discounted rate.

"I travel because it makes me realise I haven't seen, how much I'm not going to see, and how much I still have to see." Carew Papritz.

This episode was edited by Craig Stachan using the HIndenburg software. Credit read by Musa E Zulu.

27 - Lauren Jackson on Travelling as a Wheelchair User with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

This week, Lois Strachan chats to Lauren Jackson who shares insights on travelling to 13 different countries as a wheelchair user. Lauren has a genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease.

Our service provider spotlight features Cape Nature's Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve which has a wheelchair accessible bird hide as well as a braille hiking trail.

Today's travel quote is from Neale Donald Walsch: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

26 - Accessible Travel Tips with Claudette Medefindt of Retina SA

Lois Strachan speaks to Claudette Medefindt, who is one of the founders and Head of Science at Retina SA, and deputy president of Retina International.

Claudette has travelled to 47 different countries and shares advice and tips on how to travel, things to avoid, and things to do - and not just for travellers with visual impairments, not just for travellers with physical disabilities, but for all travellers and this episode is really packed with great information.

In our Travel Tech Corner, we launch our partnership with Edit Microsystems, an assistive technology company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Each episode will spotlight an assistive device that will assist travellers with disabilities. This episode introduces the Victor Reader Trek which is GPS for the blind, designed by Humanware.

[If you are interested in purchasing this device, quote the reference ASA when contacting Edit Microsystems for a discounted quote]

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

To contact us email podcast@accessiblesouthafrica.co.za and visit our website www.accessiblesouthafrica.co.za

25 - Travelling with Cerebral Palsy with Hillary Lane

Today on the podcast our host, Lois Strachan, chats to Hillary Lane who has Cerebral Palsy and has travelled extensively across Africa and other parts of the world. Lois & Hillary have also travelled together to Ghana 2 years ago for the Afri-Need Conference.

Hillary says: "The reason I feel you should travel is that it really does broaden your horizons. Seeing things on television is not the same as experiencing it. Be very clear in your mind why you're travelling, where you're going, and how you're going, because you don't want to have a bad experience of travelling."

Hillary can be contacted on email at hillarylane@outlook.com.

Our Travel Tech Corner features a website called spintheglobe.net, created by Sylvia Longmire who has visited 57 countries as a power wheelchair-user.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

To contact us email podcast@accessiblesouthafrica.co.za and visit our website www.accessiblesouthafrica.co.za

24 - Universal Access with Russel Volmer

Russell Vollmer is the founder of CapeAble, an organisation that provides consulting services and training on universal access. Russell had a diving accident during his national service in the navy when he was 19 years old, and has used a wheelchair for more than 40 years. He is passionate about the sport of sailing and as such has crossed the Atlantic, and has represented South Africa in the paralympic games in Sydney in 2000.

Russell can be contacted at www.capable.co.za or email russell@capable.co.za

Our service provider spotlight features a brand new guest house, Somerset View situated in Somerset West which has a number of features for travellers who are wheelchair users.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by André du Toit, the Big Positive Guy.

23 - Family Travel with Razia Hisham

Lois Strachan chats to Razia Hisham about travelling as a family with their daughter, 15 year old Nura who has cerebral palsy. Nura had a spinal fusion procedure due to scoliosis and has titanium rods in her back, resulting in her parents affectionately calling her their Titanium Warrior. Their primary goal has to provide Nura with a comfortable but full life, and as such have travelled extensively and enjoyed many adventures together.

Our travel tech corner features two online resources to help with the planning phase of travelling to prevent unwelcome surprises as travellers with disabilities:

The Accessible Travel Forum - www.accessibletravelforum.com – is a collection and community of travellers with disabilities sharing information about accessible travel.

The Facebook Group called Accessible Travel Club has over 9000 members posting questions and receiving feedback from other travellers around the world with valuable insights into overcoming challenges as travellers with disabilities. The group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AccessibleTravelClub/

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Susan Sontag

22 - Blind Rocks with Sristi K.C.

Lois Strachan takes this travel podcast international, currently in Paris, France, and interviewing Sristi K.C. from Nepal, India!

Sristi is the owner and founder of the Blind Rocks organisation based in Nepal. She became blind at the age of 16 due to the incorrect medical prescription.

"When I lost my sight I got the vision of my life. I was completely shocked, but then decided to tranform my shocking life into a rocking life."

Sristi presents workshops across the globe and seeks support people with visual impairments living in Nepal. Workshops include dance, interpersonal skills, and fashion, and they also arrange various adventures like river rafting.

Our service provider spotlight features the Knysna Elephant Park, situated near Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by André du Toit, the Big Positive Guy.

21 - Hilton & Loretta Purvis on the Concept of Universal Access

Lois Strachan speaks with Hilton & Loretta Purvis as they share their insights on their travels in South Africa & overseas, their thoughts on the concept of Universal Access, and the challenges they face as a married couple travelling where one person uses a wheelchair.

The Travel Tech Corner features an app called Microsoft Seeing AI. The app uses artificial intelligence to make sense of print & visual images by converting to audio. It can be used to read documents, travel brochures, restaurant menus and bills, as well as to read street signs and other text at tourist attractions. The currency feature identifies monetary notes, which is useful when travelling in a foreign country. A number of other features make travelling easier for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Credits read by André du Toi, the Big Positive Guy.
This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software.

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