106 - Job Talk: Abida Mahomed on Working as a Database Administrator

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In today’s episode, Lois speaks with Abida Mahomed about her work as a database administrator (DBA) using the Oracle platform. This is the latest episode of the Job Talk series, focusing on people with disabilities working in mainstream employment.

Despite studying for a career in social work, Abida started working in a technical field on a platform that had limited accessibility for her as a blind user. During the conversation she discusses the changes she has experienced as the platform has become more inclusive of the needs of DBAs with visual conditions.

Abida talks about her work, the skills she feels that make a good database administrator, and some of the challenges she has faced as a blind person working in a technical field.

Reach out to Abida at:
e-mail: abidamahomed@outlook.com

Podcast Image description:
A woman of Indian heritage with shoulder-length dark hair. She is wearing a sleeveless black top and a pendent on a necklace. She is sitting at an outdoor restaurant with people in the background, who are seated at a table shaded by a blue umbrella.

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