101 - Job Talk: Nick Smit on Working as an Educator

In today’s episode, Lois speaks with Nick Smit, who works as an educator in Johannesburg.

With Nick having a strong background in disability awareness and accessibility through his work with the organisation, Smergos, they discuss the accessibility of the teaching profession, both of his teacher training and in his work experience.

They chat about how Nick, who did not consider maths to be a strong subject for him, was drawn into specialising as a maths teacher.. They also talk about the impact Nick’s disability has on the young learners and colleagues with whom he interacts.

Nick is no stranger to the A Different Way of Seeing podcast. Listen to our previous conversations at the following links:
Episode91: Inspiring Motion with Nicole Vergos and Nick Smit of Smergos - https://iono.fm/e/1372457
Episode 50:Nick & Nikki Smit - http://iono.fm/e/1075117

Reach out to Nick at:
Website: www.therebelninja.com
e-mail: nick@therebelninja.com
Nick’s disability advocacy work: nick@smergos.com

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