Radio Days Africa RDA 2018 #storyteller

RDA 2018 #storyteller

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#RDA18: The Innovation Panel

Paul McNally ( wraps up #RDA18 with a discussion around innovating radio. Join the session and give your inputs.
6 Jul 2018 46 min

#RDA18:It’s Not On-Air, It’s On-Line!:

Emma Jane Robson (Awake On-Line) discusses the exciting opportunities around selling on-line radio. As a newly established agency specialising in the on-line radio field, she shares common misconceptions about this versatile platform.
6 Jul 2018 29 min

#RDA: Master Class - Podcasting

Join Brad Brown (The Podcast Academy) as he shares all the essential skills, tips and equipment needed to create your own podcast
6 Jul 2018 36 min

#RDA18:The Digital Blur

By adding digital metrics to a radio campaign or promotion, the lines between digital and traditional media blur even more. Jonathan Lumley (Kagiso Media) will explain the harnessing of digital platforms, mixed campaigns exploring the creative synergies, and highlight the power and effectiveness of radio campaigns.
6 Jul 2018 31 min

#RDA18: Analog In A Digital World:

With the advent of digital platforms and social media, in particular, we all know that radio has to change as a business to accommodate these new challenges. Lance Claasen (MD: The Un-Told Media) has done research on business models for radio in the digital age. He has come up with…
6 Jul 2018 38 min

#RDA: In-Store, On-Air

The retail radio space has been quietly developing over the last decade with several retail giants employing radio broadcasting as part of their in-store experience. Justine Smit (Adsat) tells us more about the psychology of retail radio.
6 Jul 2018 44 min

#RDA18: What Your Job In Radio Will Look Like In 20 Years

Buzz words like the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0 and tech revolution have created a great deal of uncertainty in many industries across the world. While tech giants appear to have it all together, the African context is largely different. Given the hype, it is important to pause and evaluate…
6 Jul 2018 27 min

#RDA18:Audio Pride:

Hendrik Baird (Gay Radio SA) gives an update on the development of the station after two years of going on-line.
6 Jul 2018 41 min

#RDA18: In Music Technology We Trust

A regular contributor and friend to Radio Days Africa, Arthur Goldstuck (CEO: World Wide Worx) shares his thoughts on the space where music and technology meet.
6 Jul 2018 49 min

#RDA18:Just One Leap

Simon Brown (Investor, Trader, Podcaster) speaks about the Just One Leap podcast series. The strategy behind it, the humble beginnings and why he does it.
6 Jul 2018 38 min

#RDA18 The Zim Sessions

Taurai Mabhachi Kufa is a displaced media activist fighting for change and reform in his native Zimbabwe. Radio Days Africa provides a platform for the Media Technology Trust to share its ideas on the changing face of media in Zimbabwe.
6 Jul 2018 37 min

#RDA18:How To Be A Smart-Phone Storyteller

Eleanor Mannion (Journalist: RTÉ, Ireland) creates documentaries using mobile phone technology only. She’ll show you how. Join this master class to learn what tools you can use and how it is done.
6 Jul 2018 50 min

#RDA18: Audio Production Master Class

Jan Brückner (Benz Town Branding) will demonstrate and create an audio-imaging package live during this master class. Engage with and learn from a top audio producer and see Benztown in action!
5 Jul 2018 1 hr 24 min

#RDA18 Soul City

Not yet Uhuru is a multigenerational, informative show that provokes conversation around critical issues that affect young women every day. The hosts tackle issues about sex, friendship, alcohol abuse, financial independence and life in general. Join Lebo Mafoko (CEO: Soul City) and Kgali Kedijang (Project Manager Radio Hub: Soul City)…
5 Jul 2018 35 min

#RDA18: The Community Radio Forum

Community radio plays an integral part in South African dialogue and the sharing of information at grass-roots level. But the sector is challenged. Financial problems, staffing issues, board interference and matters around regulation and distribution appear to continually hamstring the industry. Join the Dept of Communications, Prof. Franz Krüger (Director:…
5 Jul 2018 43 min

#RDA18: Walk The Talk

There is an interesting link between building communities and entertaining/educating audiences through content. Coupled to this is the celebration of iconic figures within a community. As a station, Lotus FM has been through a turbulent period. The Indian community in South Africa has suffered at the hands of the Public…
5 Jul 2018 34 min
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