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The Good Things Guy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. Brent Lindeque believes there's good news all around us & the 100's of stories he receives every day are his proof. Brent spends his time hunting down & reporting on the best Good News stories from South Africa, and the world. In Good Things Guy, you'll meet these everyday heroes & hear their incredible stories!

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Anticipatory Grief - is this why SA's so angry right now?

Graeme Codrington joins the Good Things Guy again to chat about hope during the Coronavirus pandemic… and what that means for South Africa!
We're 4 months into lockdown and it's also been 4 months since Graeme's last appearance on Brent Lindeque's JacPod podcast. Now, Graeme is back to talk about South Africa’s anger and where it stems from.

Graeme Codrington is a South African author, futurist and strategy consultant. He's been very vocal about the Coronavirus and what it means for South Africa. Some of his thoughts have been very serious, talking about the elderly, the people with underlying illnesses and the poor. But he's also added a different perspective and ultimately… hope.

Listen below as Graeme and Brent talk about the state of the country after 4 months of lockdown. The conversation is deep, hard and ultimately comforting.

UNLOCK in the lockdown - the uber of tutoring!

What started as a casual conversation about how unbelievable it is that lockdown has put universities and the world on pause ended up being the first step in creating UNLOCK. UNLOCK started as a solution to the trials and tribulation that came with online learning during the nationwide lockdown and is growing to become an all-inclusive student platform. Friends, Luke Tollman and Elijah Greenhill, had always had a keen interest in innovating, inspiring and giving back. Tollman advises that, “This site and platform is a result of countless hours of work and effort to make sure that each and every person that comes across UNLOCK has the best experience possible.” Both Luke and Elijah join Brent Lindeque to chat about their amazing new lockdown business.
Unlock's website

Brent, you need to get off TikTok!

Kirsty Bisset is a serial tech entrepreneur with five businesses under her belt - two of which she still owns, two of which have been successfully sold and one which has failed. With recognition from the likes of Fast Company, Destiny Magazine and Fairlady magazine, Kirsty thrives to build brands and businesses in the FMCG and retail space through her agency, STIR, and to build companies in the global fintech industry through growth and conversion strategies with her digital marketing company, SwiftX.
When not doing that, Kirsty is a prolific writer and advocate for gender equality.
Kirsty also tweeted a serious article about how Amazon asked all employees to remove TikTok off their phones immediately and I need to understand this… so we’ve invited her to join the show!

Pushed into Purpose - you're one decision away from a whole new life

Devon Brough’s life has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. The son of a member of the 70's all-girl band Clout should've been living his best life, but has spent the majority of his adult existence caged in a prison of fear, engulfed in a darkness so dense he could barely see himself putting one foot in front of the other.
An unending battle with alcoholism and addiction held Devon in a crippling cycle of resentment, shame and guilt. He felt separate and apart from life… and the people in it. Many times he just wanted to escape reality and hide from the world.
But Devon is a survivor and his mess has become his message as he now coaches South Africans into finding themselves and living their purpose!

“Looking back at my life so far, the darkest times and places have become the most beautiful. Why? Well, because there is something quite magical about the dark. That’s where things grow.”

Listen to what could be the most inspirational thing you hear today!

Kindness and perspective during COVID-19

This week Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque gets to chat to Brett Rogers, Editor and podcast host of @thisisin__ - a very cool channel of content, which showcases cultural forces that are changing the world. The duo chat about relationships, kindness and perspective during lockdown.

67 Kilometres for Nelson Mandela Day

This Mandela Day will be the first-ever marked amidst a global pandemic. As both the sports and eventing industries are massively impacted by being unable to celebrate Mandela Day through physical activations, this year the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) is bringing a massive virtual race: 67 Kilometres for Mandela Day – to homes and streets everywhere. Nomthi Mnisi, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, joins the Brent Lindeque on the Good Things JacPod today to tell us more.
Race details

Ubuntu Beds: Providing safe accommodation to healthcare-workers

We have all seen how COVID-19 has crippled the Italian health system. Lombardy, a region in Northern Italy, was the epicentre of their Coronavirus pandemic. When Kim Whitaker asked a doctor from Lombardy what they would've done differently at the start of the pandemic, he responded, “I would have arranged accommodation for the doctors and nurses in the now-closed hotels.” Healthcare workers were exhausted and unable to return home for fear of infecting their families, as a result, they were sleeping poorly and burning out. From this, Ubuntu Beds was founded in South Africa… and Kim - who has herself been COVID-19 positive back in March - has joined Brent Lindeque to speak about the journey.
Ubuntu Beds website

The other side of COVID-19 - interview with South African survivor

Dr Burger - a South African with a PhD in mining - was on the last flight out of Sierra Leone prior to the lockdown border shutdown. He didn't have any symptoms but decided to go get tested anyway, just to be safe. This is the story of what he went through; how one incredible nurse working on the front-line saved his life and how he's coping after recovering from COVID-19.
Listen to the incredible interview here:

Getting to know Mr Gay World South Africa, Charl-Jaquairdo

Charl-Jaquairdo van Helsdingen joins Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque to chat about his Mr Gay World South Africa title. The Mr Gay World South Africa competition strives to be a platform to mentor and groom gay leaders who will advance gay human rights, both locally and throughout the world. The 29-year-old muscle model has still been doing good things for the community while in lockdown. He also opens up about his cancer scare. Catch up with the show here:

Lessons from Gumtree: It’s time to clean out your house… & make some money!

This week on the Good Things Guy on JacPod we’re discussing business during lockdown. We need to unpack how people and business is evolving during this time & what lessons South Africans can learn from this evolution of the way we work. There is also going to be a future after the COVID-19 lockdown which I think we all need to be focusing on. Claire Cobbledick, the GM of Gumtree, joins Brent to chat about this and some interesting marketplace trends as well.

South African humour in the times of COVID-19

Kim Nicola Stephens is fast becoming our favourite author during South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown… and she's just served up another gem!
Kim has given us the top 10 middle-class quarantine categories, a hilarious depiction of how confusing Level 4 actually is; the beauty truths of the 'burbs during the lockdown; the runners versus smokers debacle and now she weighs in (hilariously) about how everyone in South Africa has suddenly become an expert on nearly everything.

South Africans have a way of getting through the toughest times, usually with a side dish of humour, and these quarantine stories might be the funniest things you will read.
Kim joins Brent Lindeque on this week’s JacPod podcast.
APR co-founder on business during COVID-19

Ross McIlroy - co-founder of - is incredibly proud to have reached over 200 000 subscribers for the brand on its YouTube channel. Following this remarkable achievement, the team has initiated a fantastic incentive for lockdown. has dropped its first-ever dedicated car series on the platform so that all South Africans can watch for free, and best of all the channel is enabling monetisation so that all money made from YouTube – from now until the end of the year will go into a worthwhile cause. Ross has joined Brent Lindeque on the Good Things Guy Jacpod to discuss the new show and all the other good things they are up too. YouTube channel

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