Catherine Constantinides opens up about the night she thought was going to die

Catherine Constantinides* is a prominent South African thought leader and environmentalist - focused on climate change, food & water security and waste management. She's a social entrepreneur, social justice activist and human rights defender. The inspirational South African joins Brent Lindeque to talk about her near death experience with COVID-19; fighting climate change and freeing the refugees in the Western Sahara.

*Constantinides established her first business, SA Fusion, a social enterprise, when she was 16. She was involved in the introduction of the Miss Earth concept to South Africa and was crowned the first Miss Earth South Africa in 2003. She currently serves as director of Miss Earth South Africa. Constantinides is the co-founder of Generation Earth, a youth-led environmental organisation. During 2013 Constantinides was the youngest of a group of 20 emerging Africans named as an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow. Constantinides has written for the Huffington Post on climate change politics and the situation in the Western Sahara. She is an outspoken critic of the actions of the Moroccan government in the Western Sahara, describing the territory as the "last remaining colony in Africa". She has spoken of the Western Sahara as an "African state in exile, a cause and people forgotten”. In May 2016 Constantinides was chosen as one of the Mandela Washington Fellows as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative; an initiative of the United States Department of State.