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The Good Things Guy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. Brent Lindeque believes there's good news all around us & the 100's of stories he receives every day are his proof. Brent spends his time hunting down & reporting on the best Good News stories from South Africa, and the world. In Good Things Guy, you'll meet these everyday heroes & hear their incredible stories!

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Thuli Madonsela sits down with the Good Things Guy

We’ve just marked a year of the lockdown in South Africa and what a year it's been. What we have been through - and are still going through is absolutely tragic. This thing can feel so overwhelming and incredibly traumatic. The last year has been filled with so much grief. We have lost loved ones, businesses, incomes, health and every ounce of what we used to call normal.

It’s been really tough but as I always say… in times of tragedy, always look for the helpers as they will always be there and they are the heroes we need to celebrate.

And my guest today is not only a hero but someone who many look up to. She helped draft the final constitution of South Africa in 1996. She was the Public Protector of South Africa for over 7 years, she was named one of TIME 100’s most influential people in the world and is now holding a chair in Social Justice at Stellenbosch University.

Advocate and Professor Thuli Madonsela has pushed for the last year to make sure that no one gets left behind, as the country works on a recovery plan post COVID. And the Prof has joined Brent Lindeque to chat about her social justice journey and what she is currently busy with.
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Leroy Merlin - Creating Jobs in a Global Pandemic

If you have always had a love for DIY projects or you developed a love during the lockdown, you will agree that walking into a store dedicated to DIY projects is like being a kid in a candy store.

The pandemic inspired so many people to take up projects in their homes, from redecorating rooms and revamping the garden to repurposing rooms into offices, schools and gyms. We were told to stay home, and so we made our homes useful to our needs.

The need for DIY-related shopping was at an all-time high, so it was no surprise when we learned that a new store was opening for residents of Northern Johannesburg and its surrounds. Leroy Merlin's newest store will be hosting its grand opening in Fourways on 26 March, to the sheer delight of local DIYers!

Leroy Merlin Fourways is the 4th of its kind in Johannesburg. It specialises in construction, hardware, kitchen, bathroom, home decor and garden products, 65% of which are locally sourced.

The incredible new brand has opened up many employment options as well as a new awesome project to help a community centre in the area!

Cedric Sennepin - CEO of Leroy Merlin South Africa, joined Brent Lindeque to chat about the global brand.

Mindset & Optimism: How do we stay positive when life throws the unexpected?

Clive Vanderwagen-Julicher and Brent Lindeque chat about Mental Wellness and why our mindsets matter so much, especially right now!

Clive is trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) and is also a member of the South African Transactional Analysis Association. TA is like an operating system for how humans interact, and this is used powerfully in his training sessions.

“I draw on a broad range of industry experience – I've seen it all. I train using practical examples that are relevant to the company I'm working with for effective behaviour change. I teach people to consciously respond, rather than to react, to the situations they face, whether it be with customers or internal stakeholders,” he says.

Listen to the podcast here.

Food Selfies, Gordon Ramsey and doing good!

Christy Strever, has been crowned the “Food Selfie Queen” of South Africa, and we are absolutely in love!

Strever’s story is both interesting and unique and something that South Africa should all be celebrating. Her photos are absolutely incredible - and that’s not just our opinion, Gordon Ramsey thinks so too.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa’s first “food selfie queen” is making waves with her amazing creative pics and she joins Good Things Guy, Brent Lindeque, to talk about her incredible journey.

Purpose vs Profit: How has business changed in our 'new normal'?

For the past 50 years, the primary role of business in society has been to maximise shareholder return, a consequence of Milton Friedman's seminal article in the New York Times in 1970 in which he stated that "any other use of shareholders money was irresponsible".

Given the current state of the world, the pandemic, with climate change, global warming, depletion of our natural resources, over population, catastrophic pollution and growing inequality to name a few, it feels like the idea of business being a force for good, and playing a bigger role in society beyond financial maximisation, is the obvious thing to do.

Unfortunately, many business leaders don’t see it this way.

The world of business is about making money and “purpose” is often seen as getting in the way of making money. It’s perceived to be a “feel good” distraction that takes the eye off the ball, costs money, and erodes the carefully crafted and sought-after profit number. This number is the sole purpose many businesses exist, and it is the most significant factor that business leaders are judged on.

So, when business leaders see the word “purpose”, their immediate assumption is that it is going to cost them money, making their profit number that much more difficult to achieve.

Mike Middleton - Founder and CEO of Marty McFly - and Andrew Ross - CEO of Chaos Theory - have joined Brent Lindeque to chat about where business is going in our 'new normal'.

Driving Hope during COVID-19

#DriveHope was created from a desperate cry for help in a post on Facebook. When Karen Denny, Divisional Executive for Liberty’s Digital Marketing team, first read it, her heart sank. An elderly woman had anonymously poured her heart out, searching for help after she was sexually assaulted by a relative. The woman’s family and friends couldn’t offer her the support she needed, she had lost her job because of the COVID-19 lockdown, and her Unemployment Insurance Fund payments were still outstanding.

Reading the post was an emotional rollercoaster – the sadness surrounding the woman’s situation, the outrage over her suffering and inability to find help, and finally knowing that the Liberty #DriveHope Squad could somehow assist.

“I remember when I first called her, she couldn’t stop crying. I told her – I promised her – that we were going to help,” said Denny.

The physical distance created by the national lockdown was a challenge, but she and Liberty’s #DriveHopeSquad, a team of internal colleagues – knew that at the very least, they could help the woman get medical attention, both physically and psychologically, and provide her with food to sustain her until she could get back on her feet.

This was just one of the hundreds of random acts of kindness that the squad has undertaken since the campaign began. Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque chats to Karen to find out more about the #DriveHope initiative.

A look back: Some Good Things in 2020!

2020 has been filled with so much trauma. We've lost loved ones, businesses, incomes, health, faith in our leaders and every ounce of what we used to call normal. COVID-19 - caused by a virus with unprecedented deadliness and voracious contagion - brought the world to a standstill. As we struggle to process the pandemic's rising death toll and reel from its economic impact, we can't move or gather together freely. Our normalcy is gone. Coronavirus anxiety is everywhere. The future is uncertain, and the outlook feels bad.

It's been tough, I know! But I also know that there have been many moments this year that have stood out above the rest and need to be celebrated. So I put a call out on social media for you to send one good thing that happened to you this year and good grief, I have been left completely hopeful and inspired.

All the feels… have a listen here.

Forget about Black Friday - Giving Tuesday is a WAY better global trend!

#GivingTuesdaySA is a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide.

Following the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year’s #GivingTuesdaySA will take place on Dec 1, 2020 and will kick off the giving season by inspiring people to collaborate and give back.

And Laura Parker joins Brent Lindeque to tell us why Giving Tuesday matters more now, than ever!

Mandy Wiener and the Whistle Blowers

Mandy Wiener is one of the country’s best known and most credible journalists and authors; she’s worked as a multi award-winning reporter with EWN; appeared on all sorts of radio stations and she’s been crowned as The CNN African Radio Journalist of the Year.

Mandy Wiener has also earned a reputation for her work exposing South Africa’s deepest darkest Underworld.

This incredible South African specialises in investigative reporting and legal matters, having extensively covered both the corruption trial of former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and the infamous Brett Kebble murder trial.

Mandy Wiener's new book, The Whistle Blowers, shines a light on the plight of this special class of justice-seeker, advocating for changes in legislation, organisational support and social attitudes in order to embolden more potential whistle blowers to find the courage to step up.

And she's joined the Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque (again) to figure out how all of this could possibly be a good thing.

Rozanne McKenzie on life, love and lockdown!

Johannesburg-based news anchor, presenter, MC, actress, voice over artist, wife and mom, Rozanne McKenzie recently started a media company called Rozanne McKenzie Media and is currently producing her first TV show about good things!

The entire show is based around the Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels, which is featured on Breakfast with Martin Bester every Wednesday morning.

"Omgee-engele is a revisit of some of the incredible stories that listeners have heard on Good Morning Angels over the past few years. Presented by Martin and Dianne Broderick, the TV show goes back to the beneficiaries to see how it’s going with them now and how their involvement with Good Morning Angels has changed their lives.

Rozanne joins Brent Lindeque to chat about the show; about being a mom and fighting for body positivity online.

Meet Jo Black - a South African hipster with the biggest heart!

Meet Jo Black… a South African Afrikaans hipster who sings; who stands up at schools to talk about beating bullying and who's found a love for aquariums during lockdown. Oh, he also started a show with Danny Painter! Jo Black has grown to become a household name as far as South Africa is concerned. With his level of impact and influence on many lives in the country, the motivational speaker-cum-singer keeps waxing strong and setting records because of the great things that he's doing.
Listen to his interview with Brent Lindeque here:

Catherine Constantinides opens up about the night she thought was going to die

Catherine Constantinides* is a prominent South African thought leader and environmentalist - focused on climate change, food & water security and waste management. She's a social entrepreneur, social justice activist and human rights defender. The inspirational South African joins Brent Lindeque to talk about her near death experience with COVID-19; fighting climate change and freeing the refugees in the Western Sahara.

*Constantinides established her first business, SA Fusion, a social enterprise, when she was 16. She was involved in the introduction of the Miss Earth concept to South Africa and was crowned the first Miss Earth South Africa in 2003. She currently serves as director of Miss Earth South Africa. Constantinides is the co-founder of Generation Earth, a youth-led environmental organisation. During 2013 Constantinides was the youngest of a group of 20 emerging Africans named as an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow. Constantinides has written for the Huffington Post on climate change politics and the situation in the Western Sahara. She is an outspoken critic of the actions of the Moroccan government in the Western Sahara, describing the territory as the "last remaining colony in Africa". She has spoken of the Western Sahara as an "African state in exile, a cause and people forgotten”. In May 2016 Constantinides was chosen as one of the Mandela Washington Fellows as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative; an initiative of the United States Department of State.
Follow Catherine on Twitter Catherine's website

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