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The Good Things Guy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. Brent Lindeque believes there's good news all around us & the 100's of stories he receives every day are his proof. Brent spends his time hunting down & reporting on the best Good News stories from South Africa, and the world. In Good Things Guy, you'll meet these everyday heroes & hear their incredible stories!

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Meet Jo Black - a South African hipster with the biggest heart!

Meet Jo Black… a South African Afrikaans hipster who sings; who stands up at schools to talk about beating bullying and who's found a love for aquariums during lockdown. Oh, he also started a show with Danny Painter! Jo Black has grown to become a household name as far as South Africa is concerned. With his level of impact and influence on many lives in the country, the motivational speaker-cum-singer keeps waxing strong and setting records because of the great things that he's doing.
Listen to his interview with Brent Lindeque here:

Surviving COVID-19: Catherine Constantinides opens up about the night she thought was going to die

Catherine Constantinides is a prominent South African thought leader and environmentalist - focused on climate change, food & water security and waste management. She's a social entrepreneur, social justice activist and human rights defender.

Constantinides established her first business, SA Fusion, a social enterprise, when she was 16. She was involved in the introduction of the Miss Earth concept to South Africa and was crowned the first Miss Earth South Africa in 2003. She currently serves as director of Miss Earth South Africa. Constantinides is the co-founder of Generation Earth, a youth-led environmental organisation. During 2013 Constantinides was the youngest of a group of 20 emerging Africans named as an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow. Constantinides has written for the Huffington Post on climate change politics and the situation in the Western Sahara. She is an outspoken critic of the actions of the Moroccan government in the Western Sahara, describing the territory as the "last remaining colony in Africa". She has spoken of the Western Sahara as an "African state in exile, a cause and people forgotten”. In May 2016 Constantinides was chosen as one of the Mandela Washington Fellows as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative; an initiative of the United States Department of State.

The inspirational South African joins Brent Lindeque to talk about her near death experience with COVID-19; fighting climate change and freeing the refugees in the Western Sahara.
Follow Catherine on Twitter Catherine's website

Mark Sham on angry government rants and why happiness matters!

Mark Sham is a passionate entrepreneur who speaks to audiences around the globe about a variety of topics. He's also the founder and CEO of Suits & Sneakers. Mark believes that the internet has fundamentally changed the world and as a result, we can now learn about almost anything, at any time, in any location, and at virtually no cost. This form of learning is called informal education and Mark is passionate about showing the masses how to use this alternative way of learning to hack the value creation system.
Before founding Suits & Sneakers in 2015, Mark was a prolific entrepreneur who founded a host of businesses but ultimately, he realised that he wasn’t cut out for most of them and worked toward building Suits & Sneakers. Brent Lindeque sits down with him to chat about his journey, his big government rant which went viral and why happiness is so important.

A Karoo cowboy, a rock star and a guitar-shaped braai grid

In 2018 Bert Lintvelt, a Klein Karoo cowboy from Ladismith, forged rocker Willim Welsyn a unique birthday gift: a guitar-shaped braai grid. After boasting on social media with his Braaikaaster all of Willim’s fans wanted one. Without consulting Bert, Willim and his sister Zazzie B van Rooyen took 10 orders.
Fed-up with working behind his computer screen, Bert accepted the challenge, stepped-up to the anvil and moved into the garage. After sleepless nights he poured his blood, sweat and tears into sculpting those first 10 mild steel Blitzkriek Braaikaasters. And so it began. Willim joins Brent in the latest Good Things Guy podcast to talk about the story behind this incredible braai grid - and his lofty dreams for the team.
Watch the video of this story

We, the People, can turn it around - & Brent’s inspired

Hugh Masekela’s Thuma Mina (Send Me) – the People’s Version was released on Friday in honour of Heritage month. Thuma Mina is a call to the people of South Africa to stand up collectively for change.
In the song, Hugh Masekela pens the lyrics “I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around”, which rings true to the very first words in South Africa’s Constitution, “We, the People”.
The people of South Africa are facing tremendous challenges in the face of COVID-19, such as severe poverty, a compromised economy, lack of access to healthcare and education, corruption and gender-based violence. Together, with a little help from some friends, Constitution Hill in partnership with the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation, have joined forces to produce a collaborative re-working: The People's Version – of the late, great Masekela’s anthemic Thuma Mina. The People’s Version strives to mobilise the citizens of South Africa into action, in support and empowerment of one another.
“It is not the size of the problems we must take into account, but rather our will, the people’s will, to create and manifest solutions, and our preparedness to scale those solutions across our diverse South African communities,” says Dawn Robertson, CEO of Constitution Hill.
Dawn and Mabusha Masekela - of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation, join Brent to talk about the song; about South Africa and about ConHill.
Constitution Hill website

Nathan Ro on lockdown creativity, cocktails & being proudly South African

Nathan Ro bounced onto the music scene as a contestant on Project Fame. His laid back, acoustic beach boy style won him many fans on the show in which he placed second. Ro then formed the mischievous, electro-rock band Lonehill Estate which toured Europe and the US with hit singles such as Daans, Technoband and Look Good. In a drastic turn
of genre, Nathan Ro teamed up with Graeme Watkins and Loyiso Bala to form the swinging super-group Swing City. Ro's most recent release was a colab with The Kiffness called Wiggle A Bit which blew up in February this year. Now, Nathan Ro has released a new solo album entitled African Grey which takes him all the way back to his "beachsand and cocktails" style that started it all. The album is a collection of songs about South African cities with 60's influences being poured over a fun splash of acoustic folk. He joins Brent on today's Good Things Guy podcast.

Rubber Duc, Lockdown, Posduif and K-pop

Good grief, what a great chat. Join Brent Lindeque and Nick Jordaan from Rubber Duc as they chat about new music, the new normal and some good things in between.

Rubber Duc is an independent, fresh, four-piece band made up of Nick Jordaan (Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat), Brendan Campbell (Lead Guitar, kick drum, backing vocals), Sheldon Sham (Saxophone, crash, tambourine, backing vocals), and Amiel Gopal (Bass, snare drum, backing vocals).

Their unique “folk-swing-hop” sound immediately gathered them a flock of followers and media attention – they’ve been called “Joburg’s hottest new band” and “the next big thing” – all of this in the first year of existence.
Listen as Brent chats to Nick here...

Life in lockdown for an Animal Rescue Centre

Woodrock Animal Rescue was founded in 1992 by Nicholas and Stella Meldau whose focus, passion and drive helped their animal rescue vision become a reality. The Animal Rescue Centre originated in the suburban area of Woodmead and Khyber Rock, hence the name Woodrock, but they're now based on 8.5 hectares in the beautiful Hennops River Valley.

The Centre now looks after over 300 animals and Stella joins Brent Lindeque to chat about life in lockdown and the new donation campaign that Brent has set up in honour of his late pup.
Woodrock website

Pride Factor, missed weddings and hope!

Pride Factor is a life skills academy dedicated to improving the quality of young people’s lives by inspiring, guiding and mentoring them to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and develop entrepreneurial thinking. Dene Botha, the MD and founder of Pride Factor, joins Brent Lindeque on the Good Things Guy JacPod to tell us more about Pride Factor, to discuss life in lockdown, and missing their wedding! Listen to the full show below:

Anticipatory Grief - is this why SA's so angry right now?

Graeme Codrington joins the Good Things Guy again to chat about hope during the Coronavirus pandemic… and what that means for South Africa!
We're 4 months into lockdown and it's also been 4 months since Graeme's last appearance on Brent Lindeque's JacPod podcast. Now, Graeme is back to talk about South Africa’s anger and where it stems from.

Graeme Codrington is a South African author, futurist and strategy consultant. He's been very vocal about the Coronavirus and what it means for South Africa. Some of his thoughts have been very serious, talking about the elderly, the people with underlying illnesses and the poor. But he's also added a different perspective and ultimately… hope.

Listen below as Graeme and Brent talk about the state of the country after 4 months of lockdown. The conversation is deep, hard and ultimately comforting.

UNLOCK in the lockdown - the uber of tutoring!

What started as a casual conversation about how unbelievable it is that lockdown has put universities and the world on pause ended up being the first step in creating UNLOCK. UNLOCK started as a solution to the trials and tribulation that came with online learning during the nationwide lockdown and is growing to become an all-inclusive student platform. Friends, Luke Tollman and Elijah Greenhill, had always had a keen interest in innovating, inspiring and giving back. Tollman advises that, “This site and platform is a result of countless hours of work and effort to make sure that each and every person that comes across UNLOCK has the best experience possible.” Both Luke and Elijah join Brent Lindeque to chat about their amazing new lockdown business.
Unlock's website

Brent, you need to get off TikTok!

Kirsty Bisset is a serial tech entrepreneur with five businesses under her belt - two of which she still owns, two of which have been successfully sold and one which has failed. With recognition from the likes of Fast Company, Destiny Magazine and Fairlady magazine, Kirsty thrives to build brands and businesses in the FMCG and retail space through her agency, STIR, and to build companies in the global fintech industry through growth and conversion strategies with her digital marketing company, SwiftX.
When not doing that, Kirsty is a prolific writer and advocate for gender equality.
Kirsty also tweeted a serious article about how Amazon asked all employees to remove TikTok off their phones immediately and I need to understand this… so we’ve invited her to join the show!

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