Rozanne McKenzie on life, love and lockdown!

Johannesburg-based news anchor, presenter, MC, actress, voice over artist, wife and mom, Rozanne McKenzie recently started a media company called Rozanne McKenzie Media and is currently producing her first TV show about good things!

The entire show is based around the Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels, which is featured on Breakfast with Martin Bester every Wednesday morning.

"Omgee-engele is a revisit of some of the incredible stories that listeners have heard on Good Morning Angels over the past few years. Presented by Martin and Dianne Broderick, the TV show goes back to the beneficiaries to see how it’s going with them now and how their involvement with Good Morning Angels has changed their lives.

Rozanne joins Brent Lindeque to chat about the show; about being a mom and fighting for body positivity online.