Articulate-IT Radio brings you informative and engaging talk shows and podcasts that are easily accessible through smartphones, tablets or personal computers, and which can be conveniently enjoyed from the comfort of your home, office, while driving, while exercising at the gym, or just about anywhere. Tune into our interesting, informative, accurate, logical, and intelligent interviews, debates, and casual conversations regarding issues that affect you and your trade or industry.
ART [African Raw Talent] Radio SA Show curated and hosted by @vuyooyiyanetwork. The arts of Africa constitute one of the most diverse legacies on earth. While many observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is full of people, societies, and civilizations, each with a unique visual culture. The show features artists working in variety of media. Vuyo will reveal what inspires these creatives and tell the stories behind what drives their creativity. All shows features inspired music chosen by these creatives. For more follow us on artradio_sa and use #artradio_sa to discuss on the inter webs!
We’ve always believed in the positive benefits of movement on the body, and the mind. It’s why we’re called ASICS. Anima Sana In Corpore Sano or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Since 1949, our purpose has been to help people achieve a sound mind in a sound body. Our founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, had the ambition to use sport to improve the physical and mental health of young people in post-war Japan. He saw that sport had the power to lift spirits, project positivity and propel people and whole communities forward. And more than 70 years on, we still believe this.
Our podcasts include: Falling in Sport (sports enthusiasts). Hungry Woman at Work (women in business). Pitch Invasion (football fans). Children at Heart. African Storyteller
Baasraak Radio is 'n 24 uur aanlyn potgooi radio stasie, wat in Mei 2020 begin is deur evangelis Freek Vermaak. Dit is Freek en sy bedieningsspan en vriende en vennote se doelwit, om hulle gawes en talente te gebruik, om God die Vader te verheerlik en om mense regoor die wêreld bekend te stel, aan die Here Jesus Christus, wie Hom nie ken nie. Baasraak Potgooi Radio is jou radio stasie, waar jy na lewendige uitsendings van die Baasraak span se uitreike, ander gemeentes se eredienste, aanbiddingsdienste, evangelisasie veldtogte of spesiale gebeurtenisse kan luister. Ons het in Januarie 2021 begin met die vervaardiging van potgooi opnames van verskeie bedienaars van die Woord, wat eksklusief op Baasraak Potgooi Radio uitgesaai word. Luister na Baasraak Potgooi Radio @ Besoek gerus ons Webtuiste: ➢ Jy kan nou enige tyd en plek op enige slimtoestel na al ons Baasraak Uitsaai Netwerk kanale kyk of luister op ons eie Mobiele Baasraak Toep (App) wat nou beskikbaar is. Sy naam is “Baasraak Nou”. Dit is gratis beskikbaar. Gaan laai hom gerus af deur op die link: ➢ Ondersteun ons Finansieël: ➢ Besoek ons ons webblad om ons bank, Paypal, of Payfast besonderhede te verkry: ➢ Volg ons op Sosiale Media: ➢ facebook: ➢ instagram: ➢ potgooi: Deel asb ook met jou familie en vriende? Saam kan ons misdaad en geweld BAASRAAK in die naam van die HERE JESUS CHRISTUS!
We know what it feels like to want to get the word out and being frustrated because you don't have the time to do it with ease. We get it. Content marketing is this big hungry monster that always needs feeding. You’ve probably wondered if there was a better way to create engaging content to grow your brand's awareness while saving time, money and energy. Our dream for every client is to become content royalty. Your content must create awareness and have reach. We’ve been developing our award-winning system for the past decade and have refined it into the Purposefully Repurposed for Profit system. It has been tested and tweaked to the point where we can create consistent content for our customers. Ethan Baird is an award-winning radio producer who is a podcasting production expert. He currently the technical producer for Breakfast with Martin Bester on Jacaranda FM. Hendrik Baird is an entertainer, writer, producer, and podcast creator who recently obtained a Master’s degree in Media and Journalism. We have combined and consolidated our skills for the sole purpose of helping you create the best possible content for your marketing campaigns. We have gathered together a team of experts so that we can provide you with a comprehensive service to satisfy your every content marketing need. We are committed to helping you create content that best represents your brand so you can get your message across clearly, while building relationships with your customers and ultimately helping them on their decision-making journey towards making a purchase.
Barry Dwolatzky is an Emeritus Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. He is one of the leading authorities on South Africa's ICT Sector.


The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. BBC World Service broadcasts to the world on radio, on TV and online, providing news and information in 32 languages.
The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the first academic centre in Africa dedicated to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship. It was established as a specialised centre at the UCT Graduate School of Business in late 2011, in partnership with the Bertha Foundation, a family foundation that works with inspiring leaders who are catalysts for social and economic change, and human rights. The Centre is now a leading academic centre in Africa.
SOUTH AFRICA |  11 CHANNELS  | RADIO STREAM  | BIZNEWS.COM is a disruptive internet publishing business which was founded in August 2013. It embraces Jeff Bezos’s Day One philosophy using software instead of people wherever possible, thus freeing its brainpower to focus on fulfilling an obsessive customer focus. It is a fully remote business, has no physical head office and a team spread across the world. With hubs in Edinburgh, Johannesburg and Cape Town, BizNews is uniquely positioned to serve South Africans with a global mindset through independent reporting and commentary on local and global issues that affect their lives. The subscription service, BizNews Premium, features bespoke commentary, exclusive WhatsApp and Twitter channels, investment webinars and a partnership with the Wall Street Journal offering full access to
The Change Exchange, a change-themed blogsite and content repository, by BrightRock. The Change Exchange aims to provide people with a space to share their thoughts and feelings about life's big Change Moments – Landing that Job, Starting a Family, Tying the Knot and Making a Home. #LoveChange

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