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Abaxoxi - the storytellers

5 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±46 min episode every 2 weeks, 2 days
History will attest that there is a growing recognition of the role of women in society as more women reach echelons previously unheard of and gain prominence in spaces they occupy. African women are no exception, bucking a trend of male dominance, etching indelible marks as leaders, visionaries, and game-changers. Stories of impressive African male leaders abound. It is less common to read of their female counterparts. The narrative of African leadership is distinctly male. Telling the story of Africa’s development (social, political, economic) is incomplete without recounting stories of African women. It is often lamented that Africans are guilty of not telling their own stories, while around us there are several opportunities for telling story. The tales told are often for the purposes of entertainment or of accounting what is going wrong. There is a dearth of locally generated content that accurately tracks progress and presents the information in a format that is entertaining, factual, as well as educational. The power of effective and impactful story is untapped.

Womanomics Africa ® has begun the curation of a podcast series titled “Abaxoxi – the storytellers”. Pronounced Ah-bah-kso-ksi, it is word derived from the from Zulu word “xoxa” meaning to chat. Its purpose is to unlock local, intercontinental, and intergenerational stories of women, profiling African women as thought leaders and change makers. It amplifies the storyteller and the work that they do, illuminating women shaping and creating legacies. Our aim is also to seek out new, relatively unknown voices, whose stories have not been widely heard or published in the public domain, but whose journeys have the potential to have profound impact.

This series is made just for you by BrightRock #LoveChange

Playing the Bounce: European Interviews

4 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every 4 days
For our Playing the Bounce campaign, we interview rugby players and coaches playing for European teams. We will be sharing the stories of the players and teams through interviews with the players and coaches. Our aim is to create content that is both entertaining and useful to the rugby fans and rugby teams alike. Kuhle “Kooks” Sonkosi, is an ex-rugby player, media personality and avid supporter of the Vodacom Bulls, together with Dalin Oliver, a well-known and well-loved comedian, media personality and avid supporter of the DHL Stormers will team up with Benedict Chanakira is our rugby expert as part of the campaign.

Dan's Got Change!

16 EPISODES |  Series, ±8 min episode total time 2 hr 14 min
Interviews where Dan Nicholl interviews various celebrities that have been on the Dan Nicholl Show before, and discuss relevant topics about their lives currently and big Change Moments that they have recently been through, or will be facing in the near future.

Ruda Talks Change

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
Ruda Talks Change is a series where well-known South African personalities talk about change in their lives. The purpose of series is to talk about the big changes that happen in life – Landing that Job, Tying the Knot, Starting a Family or Making a Home. The Change Exchange provides people with a safe space to share experiences and knowledge to help them cope with these big Change Moments.

Ruda Talks Change is made just for you by BrightRock - provider of the first needs-matched life insurance, that changes as your life changes.

Women Changing the Game!

5 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 3 days
As you may know, BrightRock loves sport – nearly as much as we Love Change! To celebrate Women’s month, we bring these two concepts together in our brand-new change-loving series, Women changing the game. In each episode, Ella and Ouma Fabs connect with the guests to chat about what life and sport teach us about change. #ScienceofChange #WomenInSport #LoveChange

Play On! Life lessons from the field with Ella!

8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 6 days
Say hello to Ella! She’s the rugby know-nothing correspondent, hoping to become your rugby know-something correspondent very soon.

Her mission for the next few weeks (just like Ouma Fabs!) is to learn all that there is to learn about rugby and what it really takes to play the bounce, play the moment, play on and #LoveChange. With a little help from BrightRock, Ella gets to grips with the game and the players at Loftus Versfeld, the iconic home stadium of the Vodacom Bulls.

Ella sits down with players and coaches of the Vodacom Bulls to find out more about how they navigate the unpredictable bounce of the ball on the field.


Play On! Life lessons from the field with Ouma Fabs

8 EPISODES |  Series, ±5 min episode total time 45 min
Meet Ouma Fabs! Life is just like rugby – at least, that’s what Ouma Fabs suspects. So she’s decided to get herself into shape and talk to the people that know rugby best. People who run the ball, catch the ball, kick the ball. She’s a granny on a mission to learn all she can about rugby, and to share what life has taught her about playing those unexpected bounces of the ball. So, with a little help from us, the #LoveChange team at BrightRock, she’s headed to the DHL Stormers High Performance Centre and you can join her weekly on this special journey. Catch new episodes of Play On: Life Lessons from the Field right here, every week!

Dan Nicholl Talks Business Unknown

8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±34 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
We are thrilled to kick off our new series ‘Business Unknown’ with Dan Nicholl

They discuss the challenges of running a business during these precarious times, and the course of his career from the early days, including the steps he took to get where he is. He shares his message for all those who are worried about the future of their businesses and the economy in South Africa.

Chatting Change

12 EPISODES |  Series, ±21 min episode total time 4 hr 12 min
CHATTING CHANGE is a short, dynamic and entertaining 20-minute conversation that will be published in a video and podcast format on the Change Exchange, a change-themed blogsite and content repository, by BrightRock. The Change Exchange aims to provide people with a space to share their thoughts and feelings about life's big Change Moments – Landing that Job, Starting a Family, Tying the Knot and Making a Home.
CHATTING CHANGE will extend this conversation, focusing on topics and themes that can assist people in navigating through life's big Change Moments by imparting knowledge, having a laugh, and sharing insightful content with our audience. High-value information delivered with a light touch in an engaging, relatable format will keep our audience coming back for more. Content will be shared and promoted on BrightRock's social media platforms, as well as that of our guests and the hosts of the show.
Hosted by Rami Chuene and Nhlakanipho Manqele, the format is a conversational and entertaining interview around a table with our two hosts and you, our guest, in discussion. The conversation will seek to cover a topic in breadth rather than depth, with our two hosts bringing their own perspectives to the topic. An invited in-studio guest will join in their conversation, providing another perspective and voice.

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