Barry Dwolatzky

Barry Dwolatzky is an Emeritus Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa. He is one of the leading authorities on South Africa's ICT Sector.

Optimizing - Leading Africa's Digital Future

27 EPISODES |  Series, ±47 min episode total time 21 hr 24 min
Optimizing is a podcast produced by Professor Barry Dwolatzky (also known as "The Grand Geek"). Season 2 features Prof Barry and Kerryn Gammie in conversation with thought leaders and role models in the South African and African digital community. Each conversation is based on the metaphor of a relay race in which the guest is asked to reflect on how they received the baton and what they will pass on to Kerryn and her generation [Evan Wigdorowitz (Edit and Logo Design); Callum Kuhl (Music )]
ENGLISH Read by Barry Dwolatzky & Kerryn Gammie Technology · Documentary