Dr Gustav Gous verduidelik hoe ons bagasie ons terughou en ons toekoms steel.
17 Feb 2021 5AM English South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement

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Who created God?

Wynand Rossouw and Janine Van Niekerk talk to Uncle Angus Buchan about Who created God? This question is focused on university students to answer it or to know the answer when challenged about their God.
25 May 2022 5AM 9 min

Throwing Out The Nets

Andie Steele-Smith is from the Cape, from Hillsong Century City, and is also known as the gang pastor. He shares this morning on the theme: "Throwing out the nets", referring to John 21 when Jesus advised the disciples after a whole night of fruitless fishing to throw out the nets…
4 Mar 2021 5AM 5 min

Steps of Faith

Andie Steele Smith from Hillsong Century City shares today about the theme: "Steps of Faith" from John 5:1-9, where Jesus asks a lame man "Do you want to get well?"
24 Feb 2021 11PM 5 min

Sending moet die wêreld verander

Dr Gustav Gous verduidelik dat sending die wêreld moet verander, en ook die moet verander wat die sendingwerk doen. Sending is God se sending.
24 Feb 2021 2AM 5 min

As my gewete my ry

Wynand en Janine gesels oor jou gewete en hoe die Heilige Gees jou juis so op sonde attent maak, sodat jou verhouding met die Vader so gou as moontlik herstel kan word.
23 Feb 2021 3AM 8 min