A vaccine for Covid-19 is in sight – Oxford Prof. Adrian Hill

The coronavirus is spreading around the world at an alarming pace, but there is still no drug to treat it or a vaccine to protect against Covid-19. Several research institutions around the world have joined the race to find life-saving vaccines and the Jenner Institute at Oxford University are enrolling the first volunteers in the United Kingdom to test their vaccine on humans. Biznews managed to track down the Director of the Institute, Prof Adrian Hill who said he was optimistic that their inoculation could work and said it could be ready later this year. Prof Hill also had a word of caution for those who think it may not affect them. He wanted people to take it seriously because months ago people in Europe were saying ’“This is a problem for someone else… the real nightmare is if it takes off in Africa.” – Linda van Tilburg
29 Mar 2020 1PM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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