Davos through the lens of an insider - 'shops left like empty eyes' #WEF20

The name Davos is almost interchangeable with the World Economic Forum, even though WEF holds several other international meetings every year. For five hectic days, the world's elite come to a tiny town in the Alps where it becomes the place to be heard and the place to be seen. This year, at WEF's 50th anniversary,  the discussion on the tables was the increasing revolt of people around the world against economic elites which they feel betrayed them and that "efforts to keep global warming limited to 1.5°C are falling dangerously short." And it did seem as if Greta Thunberg’s call to the forum last year that it’s time to panic about climate change might be finally starting to hit home as attendees showed more alarm at the teenage activist’s message. Companies and governments are likely to be increasingly measured against a scorecard on how they shape up to a form of capitalism where not only the shareholders, but the planet and communities are also taken into account. But what happens to Davos once everybody has packed up and leave? Biznews spoke to a local newspaper editor and resident, Barbara Gassler who has for the past years hosted the team. Barbara who likes a big jug of tea every morning and evening, tells a story of a town with "shops left like empty eyes" and how the "fair" that accompanies the WEF has evolved into an uncontrollable beast. - Linda van Tilburg