Turning climate change, with innovation, into an opportunity - #WEF20

The overall message from most of the participants and speakers at the World Economic Forum was that we need to change how we conduct business to save a planet that is experiencing more extreme weather and an increase in temperatures. At WEf George Soros pronounced that the ‘fate of the world' is at stake. US President Donald Trump however rejected that it was a crisis denouncing the 'prophets of doom' earlier in the week. It comes as bush fires are still burning in Australia; drought is leading to food shortages in Zimbabwe and most areas of the world are experiencing more extreme weather. The southern countries of the planet and Africa in particular is predicted to be the most vulnerable to climate change. But what does that mean for us at the southern tip of Africa? The Head of the Food Systems Initiative and member of WEF's Executive Committee, Sean de Cleene says the exact impact is hard to predict. He said there were ways in which southern Africa could adapt with innovation and not only survive but turn it into an opportunity. - Linda van Tilburg