Standard Bank chief Sim Tshabalala on #WEF20, digitisation and contemplated traditions

The big tech giants have stolen the lunch of many businesses. The rise of Amazon has closed many a small businesses and has in places like the United Kingdom led to high streets, the former kingdom of businesses, turning into rows of "To let" signs. In the world of banking, the question could very well be asked, is everyone a bank? One of the predictions of Bloomberg for 2020 is that Facebook, Google and Apple could step up fintech ambitions. This is something that the Group CEO of Standard Bank, Sim Tshabalala is well aware of. He spoke to Biznews at the World Economic Forum in Davos about the competition that is looming with digitisation and how he as a self-confessed "left-brainer" has noticed that there appears to be a return to "contemplative traditions". - Linda van Tilburg
23 Jan 2020 11AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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