Teko Opens Up About Life At Pirates…

In the final edition of The Carwash in 2019, we welcomed in-studio guest Matthew Booth who weighs in with some interesting facts about Marijuana and South African footballers and also talks about why he feels he missed a massive opportunity to play for West Ham in the English Premier League.

In a fascinating segment of the show with Sean Roberts, Matthew Booth and Teko Modise discussing life in the PSL and some of their biggest regrets, Teko Modise opens up like never before about his reality and struggles as a player at Orlando Pirates and why so many former South African football legends are still bitter and angry.

A special guest appearance by Steve Lekoelea who weighs in on the current Pirates situation and also explains why he changed his name all those years back.

It’s a powerful last Carwash, don’t this final SL Radio Podcast of 2019!

What you can expect in this Show:

- A lot of footballers think it’s easy to get away with smoking dagga – minute 19
- It’s hard for footballers to release the Ego – minute 26
- Safa’s not just going to welcome us - minute 28
- Footballers in SA are not allowed to speak their mind - minute 30
- These guys who retired are so bitter and angry – minute 33
- Why Booth feels he didn’t sign for West Ham - minute 36
- When you sign contracts it’s like going to jail – minute 38
- I wish the clubs would just play open cards – minute 38
- Steve Lekoelea on Pirates and changing his name – minute 55