The Numbers Don't Lie - Are parties missing the women's vote?

In this episode we are taking a closer look at gender and the so-called gender divide in the South African electorate. As registered voters, women outnumber men by over two million and have a much higher voter turnout, but this doesn't translate into direct campaigning by parties to appeal to their vote.

Also, while parliament often congratulates itself on its representation of women and our constitutionally enshrined right to equality, this hasn’t always translated into improved conditions for women.

Furthermore, poll findings suggest women are less likely to be partisan. In other words, they are less likely to have a strong, enduring party loyalty, suggesting that a party that can solve immediate problems and speak directly to women, could clinch support.

We have data analyst Paul Berkowitz, director of Edgis and associate editor for analysis in the Tiso Blackstar Group Ranjeni Munusamy to ask whether parties are missing a trick.