Changing goals from sub 3:30 marathons to first Comrades - We help Helen put a plan in place for Comrades

Helen Squirrell is a member of our CoachParry Online Training Club and has been on one of our sub 3:30 marathon programs, she managed to get a substitution entry to Comrades and has decided to take the plunge into doing the Big C this year. Markus gives her some advice on how to adjust her paces and training from the marathon to Comrades training. 

Helen lives in Clarens which is at a high altitude and is very hilly and so they also discuss some ideas around adjusting training for altitude, hills and time trials not on flat routes. Markus also gives some great advice on how to adjust training programs when you do training on both road and trail to ensure you are still getting in enough mileage. 

Brad also shares another Success Story from another member in our community who has previously been on one of our podcasts, so be sure to tune in to that for some extra inspiration! We also want to hear your success story - you can share this with us by using #BiogenJourney on any of the socials and you could stand a chance to win 3 months access to the CoachParry Online Training Club. This week's winner is Millicent Shai! Welcome to the team Millicent, looking forward to helping you to that sub4 marathon!