Everything about pacing - for a race and for training - We connect with Geoffrey about his sub-3 marathon aspirations

On today's episode of RUN with CoachParry we chat to Geoffrey Abrams, a lifetime member of our CoachParry Online Training Platform. Geoffrey has a sub-3 marathon goal and with that; silver Comrades medal aspirations. Markus and Geoffrey chat all things pacing - within a race as well as how to approach your ideal training pace. They also chat about strength training and when the best time is to fit strength work into your weekly schedule. Be sure to listen to see how Geoffrey did at his most recent sub-3 marathon attempt this last weekend at Johnson Crane. 

If you're wanting to share your story with us, you could win 3 months access to the CoachParry Online Training Platform. Just use #BiogenJourney on social media and you could be one of our winners. This week's winner is Siphiwe (Instagram handle: @kataztrofy) Welcome to the team Siphiwe!

If you're interested in the concept of "training slow to become fast" (polarized training) - the concept Markus was referring to in this chat - be sure to check out this lecture from one of the world leading sport scientists in endurance sports and polarized training in particular - Dr Stephen Seiler. Members of the CoachParry coaching team have had the privilege of being able to spend some time with Dr Seiler on 2 of his trips to SA. This is a lecture* he gave at Oxford Brookes university and really sums up the science and benefits of this type of training so well! https://lecturecapture.brookes.ac.uk/Mediasite/Play/3b951db65dd44082a876060aab67f5c51d

(*shared with permission from Dr Seiler)