#CCinBerlin: Christiaan Schwägerl

Riffreporter is an award-winning platform for scientific reporting which provides freelance journalists a chance to monetise their content while building their own community. Christian Schwägerl is the CEO and co-founder, and he chats to Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo about how the start-up was financed and how it operates – particularly using the cooperative model.
4 Sep 2018 English South Africa Society & Culture · Places & Travel

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#CCinLondon: Ben Goldsmith

The son of financier James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith has carved his own name through the work he does in sustainability-focused investment. Apart from his passion for the environment, the astute businessman also has many views to share on the likes of medical cannabis, producing documentaries and…
27 Jul 2018 52 min

#CCinLondon: Paul van Zyl

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Conduit, a new private members’ club dedicated to professionals involved in social impact and enterprise, Paul van Zyl, is so much more than meets the eye. He grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era and spent many years actively opposing apartheid…
27 Jul 2018 35 min

#CCinLondon: Thomas Woodcock - Garter King of Arms

Thomas Woodcock was appointed Garter King of Arms on 1st April 2010 and is the 37th holder of the Office since it was created by King Henry V in 1417. As Garter King of Arms he is the principal Herald in England and the Senior Officer of the College of…
27 Jul 2018 39 min

#CCinLondon: Ben Brabyn

Ben Brabyn is the Head of L39, the world’s most connected tech community. As a leader who is in the position of supporting fast-growth businesses through his business, Gareth picks his brain around topics such as dealing with disruption, keeping humanity in technology, and concerns in this tech-enabled world. Want…
27 Jul 2018 33 min

#CCinLondon: Alastair Lukies

Recorded at The Shard, 30+ floors above ground, Gareth interviews Alastair Lukies CBE - an incredible entrepreneur who's been described as a ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum - along with his business partner and friend, Sam Tidswell-Norrish. In this conversation, they discuss the fintech industry and what it…
4 Jul 2018 22 min