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#CCinBerlin: Sebastian Esser

Sebastian Esser is the CEO and co-founder of Krautreporter. He discusses how to create a successful media membership business, how crowdfunding works, and how easy/difficult it is to implement… as well as the differences between a membership-based organisation and crowdfunding.
7 Sep 2018 9 min

#CCinBerlin: Julia Köberlein

Julia Köberlein, co-founder of an interactive online magazine called Der Kontext, discusses how the technology on her platform can break down a complicated concept/story into a ‘digital mind map, making it easier for a user to comprehend. She gives insight into how she separates the technology part of the business…
6 Sep 2018 9 min

#CCinBerlin: Anne Riedel

Ann Cathrin Riedel, chairwoman of LOAD, chats to Phumi Mashigo about being a woman in politics, data protection, security, surveillance, and press & media freedom in Germany.
4 Sep 2018 9 min

#CCinBerlin: Daniel Moosbrucker

Can you be liable for what you post on social media? Is it the government’s responsibility to take action on a hateful post on social media, or is it the social media platform or the user who posted the post? Germany has a law called ‘Netzwerkdurchfuhrungsgesetz’ (shortened to NetzDG). Daniel…
4 Sep 2018 10 min

#CCinBerlin: Christiaan Schwägerl

Riffreporter is an award-winning platform for scientific reporting which provides freelance journalists a chance to monetise their content while building their own community. Christian Schwägerl is the CEO and co-founder, and he chats to Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo about how the start-up was financed and how it operates –…
4 Sep 2018 12 min

#CCinBerlin: Sven Hansen

Germany has an unusual culture when it comes to funding start-ups. A term often used is a “cooperative”. Sven Hansen, editor for Asia at the Tageszeitung, explains what a cooperative is, as well as some of their unique ideas and business models.
3 Sep 2018 8 min

#CCinBerlin: Dr Gernot Wolfram

Dr Gernot Wolfram (Macromedia School Berlin) provides an introduction to the German media system, as well as the pressures that online and social media create – particularly regarding fake news.
2 Sep 2018 9 min

#ChooseToCruise: Rick Spath

Rick has been at sea for over 33 years and first became a Cruise Director in 1984. 2012 marked his eleventh world voyage, and he always enjoys travelling to all four corners of the globe with Crystal Cruises. Originally from New Jersey, but now hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, which…
20 Aug 2018 14 min

#ChooseToCruise: Tom Wolber

Tom Wolber, President of Crystal Cruises, was our host on this special President’s cruise. In a highly competitive business, Tom is working to position Crystal Cruises at the very top of the pecking order for quality, experience and variety.
20 Aug 2018 13 min

#ChooseToCruise: Leroy Lottering

Leroy Lottering is the Crew Officer on board Crystal Serenity and a South African. He’s in charge of making sure the crew are looked after, managed and kept working at their best.
20 Aug 2018 12 min

#ChooseToCruise: Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson is the Hotel Director of the Crystal Serenity. Since the ship is a floating hotel, all aspects of hospitality fall under Scott’s charge. He’s also ultimately responsible for the entertainment, culinary and accommodation aspects of the cruise.
20 Aug 2018 12 min

#ChooseToCruise: Ross Martin

Ross Martin is the brains behind a sterling array of cocktails, bar options and fine wines. Ross makes sure everyone has their drink of choice and helps make that choice individual and exciting.
20 Aug 2018 12 min

#ChooseToCruise: Günter Lorenz

Günter Lorenz is the Director of Culinary operations at Crystal Cruises. Delivering a six-star food and beverage experience is what Gunter knows better than anything. The quality, creativity and inspiration behind each meal leads to him.
20 Aug 2018 11 min

#ChooseToCruise: Helen Beck

Helen Beck is VP of International Sales and Marketing for Crystal Cruises. She’s the person who interfaces with customers and the media - she explains the philosophy of Crystal Cruises, makes sure they’re selling the right stuff and getting the right people to hear about it.
20 Aug 2018 23 min

#ChooseToCruise: George Argyropoulos

George Argyropoulos is the founder of Cruises International. After a fascinating life in Europe selling cruises, George decided to bring cruising to the South African market, and with great success. His experience and passion for this experience makes him the best person to listen to when choosing to cruise.
20 Aug 2018 10 min

#ChooseToCruise: Captain Birger J Vorland

Captain Birger J Vorland is the Master of the Crystal Serenity. He’s the overall boss, responsible for the marine, hotel and staff aspects of the cruise. We met him on the bridge and chatted about how everything works on a ship with over 900 passengers and over 600 staff on…
20 Aug 2018 13 min

#CCinLondon: Ben Brabyn

Ben Brabyn is the Head of L39, the world’s most connected tech community. As a leader who is in the position of supporting fast-growth businesses through his business, Gareth picks his brain around topics such as dealing with disruption, keeping humanity in technology, and concerns in this tech-enabled world. Want…
27 Jul 2018 33 min

#CCinLondon: Pumela Salela

Brand South Africa has made their mark in representing the nation in the United Nations, and continues to do so with flying colours. Pumela Salela (Country Head : United Kingdom, Brand South Africa) speaks to Gareth about her tenure, how she bridges the relationship between SA and the UK and…
27 Jul 2018 9 min

#CCinLondon: Huntsman

Huntsman is a bespoke tailor of the highest tradition, with a history that stretches back over 167 years making the most extraordinary clothes for discerning gentlemen and ladies. While in London, Gareth heads to Saville Row to find out more about one of the world's most legendary brands.
27 Jul 2018 8 min

#CCinLondon: Paul van Zyl

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Conduit, a new private members’ club dedicated to professionals involved in social impact and enterprise, Paul van Zyl, is so much more than meets the eye. He grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era and spent many years actively opposing apartheid…
27 Jul 2018 35 min
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