Mandy Wiener

Powerful author and award-winning journalist Mandy Wiener has released a new book that is a must-read as it opens one's eyes to the realities of crime in South Africa. Released in April 2018, 'Ministry of Crime' traces the underworld from Kebble to Krejcir to Modack. It shows how the underworld have been able to thrive and set up elaborate networks with the assistance of police. In discussing the book, Gareth finds out how Mandy feels about interviewing gangsters, now being able to see through lies, and what it is like to work in the police department. Hear gripping updates on Paul O'Sullivan, Richard Mdluli and Glenn Agliotti, before she talks about the most dangerous cities in South Africa and what she advises we learn from high-case crimes. And, as bizarre as it sounds, Mandy even has scientific research as to why Bedfordview is the ideal place for criminals.
31 May 2018 2AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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