Exclusive Interview with Jim Moginie

It's Tuesday which means it is #HangoutWithHeather yay! There is tons on the go in around Jozi this week and weekend, and Heather covers all your need to knows.

First up - you do not want to miss Heather's one on one chat with Jim Moginie from @MidnightOil - as Heather puts it a "career highlight for sure". Midnight Oil are in SA on the 29th July - make sure you catch this one, although there may have been some "fan girling" on the interview - this is a gem.

It's a bit food filled this show - Heather talks about the awesome addition to @Unilever #COTY challege - who have just thrown an apprenticeship with Michelin star chef @JanhendrikvanderWesthuizen in to the pot as part of the main prize - so calling all chefs between 18 - 25 years old - this is your chance of a lifetime.

Local pastry master @martinferreira from @cafepatisse expands his offering, and Heather pays a visit to the much talked about @workshop55 in Parktown North for a foodie dining experience.

Local singing talent @StormInAfrica is doing great things and about to release the title track/anthem for international organisation @RiseAgainstHunger for use on their global campaign - not bad for an 18 year old. Well done Storm!

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