We're Back!

They are back and bigger than ever! Join the team as they take a look at the recent car of the year - WesBankCOTY2017 winner and finalist criteria. They look at the upcoming SA bike fest and review a new product from AutoTrader - AutoTraderMarketplace. Chad gives the first drive impressions on the new MINI Cooper Countryman and the team takes a look at the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Catch up with George on the tech behind remote car jamming and get a look at a application for vehicle accidents.
10 Apr 2017 English South Africa Automotive · Technology

Other recent episodes

Spare Cars and German Names

The AutoTrader team did a small survey to answer our question about people having a spare car to loan out to someone in need. George reveals the results, which are quite surprising! And you might have been mispronouncing BMW your whole life... get the proper way right here.
2 Jun 11 min

The ‘Controversial’ Episode

This week on The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, George Mienie and Wandile Sishi enter the AutoTrader studio to discuss controversial topics and recent controversy within the auto industry. This includes whether or not car advertising is out of control, and potentially leading to dangerous driving. The team also…
29 May 25 min

AutoTrader Pod: Rude Awakenings and Driving Dogs

What’s the worst way to wake up? George Mienie, CEO of AutoTrader, asks Gareth and the team this question, as something unbelievable happened to someone in the USA. Also in America - a drunk driver switched positions with his dog after being pulled over!
26 May 9 min

The ‘Fuel-Wars’ Episode

This week on The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, George Mienie and Wandile Sishi are back in the AutoTrader studio to discuss the ‘fuel-wars’, as many oil companies start testing synthetic fuels which may prolong the internal combustion engine. They also unpack the price of fuel in South Africa…
22 May 27 min

Car Dealer Reviews

George Mienie joins Gareth Cliff, Ben Karpinski and Simphiwe Mthethwa live in studio to talk about new roads being built in Florida, the latest product coming out from Subaru using recycled materials and car vending machines. Also, hear the latest feature coming out on AutoTrader.
19 May 14 min