Capital Rap Up - ChiChi returns

The First Lady of The Capital Rap Up, ChiChi, is visiting this week. The team extends the news segment and dissects everything that's currently happening in the hip hop world.
20 Jul 2016 English Explicit South Africa TV & Film

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The Capital Rap Up - Ms Cosmo

What is it like to be a female DJ in a male dominated industry? Ms Cosmo joins Capital Rap Up co-host Monti as he stands in for DJ Capital. Monti catches up with Ms Cosmo and finds out about her music releases and the infamous and controversial 2015 MTV Top…
2 Dec 2015 42 min

The Capital Rap Up - New Albums & Hottest MC's List

With so many albums dropping around this time, DJ Capital and his crew of hip-hop enthusiasts give you the low-down on what to spend your money on. They also try predicts what this year's Hottest MC's list will look like.
25 Nov 2015 43 min

The Capital Rap Up 19.08.15

Join DJ Capital for his first official episode of The Capital Rap Up, he is joined by Stilo Magolide from Boyzn Bucks. Together they cover some hip-hop news and get into the mind of Stilo Magolide.
19 Aug 2015 41 min

The Capital Rap Up 28.08.15

DJ Capital is joined by rapper Kwesta. Together they cover some hip-hop news, but most of all they focus on what is most important – the music.
26 Aug 2015 46 min

The Capital Rap Up 02.09.15

Kid X from Cashtime Life joins DJ Capital. We also hear from legendary rap group Mobb Deep who were in South Africa recently.
2 Sep 2015 42 min