Capital Rap Up

The Capital Rap Up is a raw and uncensored hip-hop show, spearheaded by the self-proclaimed "Most Epic Man in South Africa", DJ Capital.

DJ Capital engages with the controversies and current affairs of the hip-hop fraternity, both locally and abroad. Guests will come in, leave their inhibitions at the door and express their frustrations and grievances with DJ Capital and the hip-hop world at large.

DJ Capital is a club DJ & musician who has shared stages with some of the world’s greatest acts including the likes of Usher, DeadMau5, Wiz Khalifa, to name a few.
Weekly English Explicit South Africa TV & Film
49 Episodes
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Capital Rap Up - DotCom

DJ Capital and friends sit down with singer/rapper DotCom to speak about his recent Love & Liquor mix tape.
24 Aug 2016 49 min

Capital Rap Up - PDotO

DJ Capital and friends do a quick hip-hop news catch up and play this week's exclusive. Then, in studio to talk about his latest work is PTA rapper PDotO.
17 Aug 2016 51 min

Capital Rap Up - NoMoozlie

What's the latest in the hip-hop world? The team fills you in. Then female rapper NoMoozlie is in the building, find out what she's been up to and hear her brand new single, 'Recipe'.
10 Aug 2016 43 min

Capital Rap Up - DJ Kaygo

The team hangs out with DJ Kaygo, he tells them why he felt he was ready to finally put out his debut single. They also premiere PDotO's never heard before single, 'This Can't Be Life'.
27 Jul 2016 45 min

Capital Rap Up - ChiChi returns

The First Lady of The Capital Rap Up, ChiChi, is visiting this week. The team extends the news segment and dissects everything that's currently happening in the hip hop world.
20 Jul 2016 48 min

Capital Rap Up - All About Bars!

DJ Capital and the team hang out and talk about all things hip-hop... from the AKA Sway interview, to Rich Homie Quan messing up Biggie Smalls's lyrics during his performance with Lil' Kim at Monday night's VH1 Hip-Hop Honors show. The team also drops the new DJ Switch 'Now or…
13 Jul 2016 45 min

Capital Rap Up - Hip-Hop News & The Big Question

The team wraps up this week's local and international hip-hop news and introduce us to some exclusive new tracks. Find out which international hip-hop artist is coming to SA, and get answers to the big question - are rappers really living the life they portray?
6 Jul 2016 45 min

Capital Rap Up - ICU & Smashis

DJ Capital and friends hang with rap crew ICU and find out how their journey has been - from their major endorsements, to losing members, to solo careers and more. Then, Smashis talks about his new single 'Leave Me Alone' and his upcoming EP.
29 Jun 2016 44 min

Capital Rap Up — Laryngitis

DJ Capital and his crew hang with Laryngitis and his 'Life Of The Party' team as they chat about the state of SA hip-hop.
22 Jun 2016 46 min

Capital Rap Up — Riky Rick

The crew hangs out with Riky Rick. He tells them his journey of how he gave up music and how he got back into it. They also discuss his album, 'Family Values', which was recently certified platinum.
8 Jun 2016 53 min

Capital Rap Up — DJ Switch

The crew hangs out with DJ Switch. He takes them through the beginning of his relationship with hip-hop as a B-Boy, to how he transitioned into DJing... and breaks down his latest music video for 'Now Or Never'.
1 Jun 2016 52 min

Capital Rap Up - Maraza

The crew hang out with Maraza... one of the SA hip-hop industry's underdogs is back with a vengeance and a point to prove. He speaks to them about his latest EP and his single GWAN, which is causing havoc on the airwaves.
25 May 2016 46 min

Capital Rap Up — The Come Up Central

It's the Come Up Central as DJ Capital and the team hang out with up-and-coming artists Lil Red and Don Dada... and find out about their journey so far and what plans they have to further establish themselves in the hip-hop industry.
18 May 2016 50 min

Capital Rap Up - Chad Da Don

Join DJ Capital as he hangs out with Chad Da Don - they discuss his recently released The Book of Chad, his departure from Family Tree and his plans for 2016.
11 May 2016 45 min

The Capital Rap Up — Best Hip-Hop Albums of the Decade

The team dissects the critically acclaimed 'Views' by Drake. They also hang out with Caron Williams who talks about her new endeavour - 'The Plug', which is an online publication covering hip-hop culture and streetwear.
4 May 2016 50 min

The Capital Rap Up — The Come Up Central

DJ Capital launches ‘The Come Up Central on The Capital Rap Up’. He’s joined by a number of up-and-coming rappers to talk about their careers as well as the singles they are pushing. Then, in true DJ Capital fashion, they are asked to drop their hottest freestyles on the spot.
20 Apr 2016 50 min

The Capital Rap Up — 2Lee Stark

What does it take to get to the top in the SA hip-hop scene? DJ Capital hangs with up-and-coming rapper 2Lee Stark to talk about how he plans to infiltrate the mainstream. 2Lee Stark also talks about his upcoming mixtape.
13 Apr 2016 46 min

The Capital Rap Up - Blaklez

DJ Capital hangs out with rap artist Blaklez , they chat about his career and his new album 'A Broken Man's Dream'.
6 Apr 2016 49 min

Capital Rap Up - A Reece

DJ Capital serves you a dose of the latest hip-hop news. He's joined by The Worst Guys to speak about the state of hip-hop in South Africa. Later he hangs with Ambitious Entertainment's latest signing sensation - A Reece.
30 Mar 2016 38 min
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