The Worst Guys - Soweto Ink

Art is everywhere, in clothes, music, paintings and also on skin. The guys chat to the members of Cool Soweto Ink - a young group of tattoo artists based in Soweto. We find out more about the intricacies of tattoo art, the botched tattoos as well as the social stigma attached with body art.
6 Jul 2016 English South Africa Comedy · Society & Culture

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The Worst Guys - Youth Voting

For the first official episode of The Worst Guys, the gents chat about voting and the role the youth has to play in shaping our socio-political climate.
30 Mar 2016 51 min

The Worst Guys - What Varsity Taught Me

Mark Mdluli and his crew talk about what university taught them about life. Being the season of varsity graduations, this is the perfect time to explore the life lessons that tertiary education can expose one to.
6 Apr 2016 48 min

The Worst Guys - Zupta Saga

In light of the Zupta saga as well as the Panama Papers, The Worst Guys take a look into corruption and how much we, as the people, really know about what government officials are up to behind closed doors. They also compare corruption at a local level and international level…
13 Apr 2016 47 min

The Worst Guys - Religion, Spirituality & Morality

Religion, spirituality and morality are on the menu. The gents ask if morality is a natural instinct or whether it is something that is decided by the political climate of the time. Also, in a surprise twist, Mark tackles the #RUReferenceList which has the whole country talking.
20 Apr 2016 50 min

The Worst Guys - Dating in the 21st Century

Do you find it impossible to date successfully in the 21st Century? The Worst Guys are joined by some female counterparts to investigate this issue. From MILFs to dick pics and everything in between, nobody holds back in this frank and open discussion!
27 Apr 2016 51 min