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Bringing insight into the kind of conversations that the youth are having today. Using political satire as well as their comedic backgrounds, The Worst Guys bring light to even the darkest situations. Telling the truth with an undeniable sense of charm, look to them to see into the future of our nation. For raw, for real, for truth!

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Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy

This week the guys speak about peer pressure and the "bad influences" that we've all had in our lives. Did they all come from bad places? Or were the people who introduced us to sex, drugs and alcohol trying to show us another side of life that most of us actually end up enjoying? We also speak about smoking weed on Gareth Cliff's show and what that was like... and as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Do you have "IT"?

What is it that separates the elite from the mediocre? Are some people just chosen, or is it a mental game? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Mama Africa

This beautiful continent of ours has been taken advantage of for centuries. No more. We want to stand on our own. How do we do that? Can we get the grubby paws of the West out of our honey pot? And as always #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Did I Offend You?

What can we say without being thrown into the pits of hell? Are we thinking for ourselves or is this mob mentality? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

#ArtistZone: Are you Credipple?

In this month's #ArtistZone, we explore what it means to be a creative in the new world. We find that young artists have become confident in who and what they are... working together to bring about an artistic revolution. Is there space for everyone at the top? Our guests Lethabo and Sbu from Credipple give us the lowdown on how we can all eat together. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Who do you look up to?

Today we discuss celebrated people, aka 'celebrities'. Why do we admire who we admire? Is it possible to be like them? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Is the Taxman getting you down?

Why do we pay taxes? Is our money going where it's supposed to? There seem to be too many flaws and unanswered questions when it comes to the workings of 'The Man'. Why do we continue to contribute to a system we know doesn't work? Join us as we brainstorm some solutions. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Physical Morality

The Worst Guys have caught the bug... and this has made them very sceptical about whether or not they'll live or die. Are you taking care of yourself? This body is the only one you get. What do you do to stay healthy? Body shaming - is it a real thing or do we just call a spade a spade? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

A Life of Crime

We've all played cops and robbers, right? Imagine we're playing it right now and you're the robber. With all the crime happening in the world right now, we dive into why... what could a criminal justification be? What kind of criminal would you be if you lived on the other side?

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