#Kellman - The Big Interview - Shane Eagle

Shane Eagle from VUZU AMP's popular hip-hop contest 'The Hustle' joins Arye Kellman to talk about being chosen as one of the channel's newest presenters. He discusses what his perception of V-Entertainment was before he got the job, what he was thinking before the show went live and how he's trying to create a solid foundation to build his empire on. He also talks about what people resonate with when it comes to him.
6 Apr 2016 10AM English South Africa Society & Culture · TV & Film

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#Kellman - Alex McDowell - Design Indaba

Alex McDowell is a designer working in narrative media. He is a strong advocate of world building and immersive design, he integrates digital technology and traditional design technique in his work. He has created a holistic design process that incorporates ideation, inception, prototyping, and production for tangible story worlds. He…
24 Feb 2016 10AM 18 min

#Kellman - I AM Dariece & Nick Swift

Nick and Dariece are the couple behind 'Goats On The Road', a website that is designed to show others how to turn their travels into a lifestyle. Masters at making money online and on the road, they've been travelling since 2008 and have explored some of the least visited places…
4 Dec 2015 10AM 16 min

#Kellman - Relax, it's Flax!

It's never surprising as to what Michael Flax will talk about every Friday, this week he speaks about office parties, how he got to sing with Mmatema Moremi who came second in season 11 of Idols SA, and even plays a few accent games with Arye Kellman and Producer Kat.
4 Dec 2015 9AM 20 min

#Kellman - Power Couple SA: PJ & Marzanne Kleinhans

Newlyweds PJ and Marzanne Kleinhans from Cape Town became the sixth couple to exit 'Power Couple SA' in a nail biting and emotional episode. They join Arye Kellman live via Skype from Cape Town to talk about their experience on the show and who they think should win the competition.
4 Dec 2015 9AM 12 min

#Kellman - Celebrity Panel

Tumi Mohale, Vic Naidoo and Mary Lu are in studio for the Celebrity Panel. Together with Arye Kellman and Mary Lu's puppy Buddy, they discuss a few topics such as Oscar Pistorius being found guilty of murder, Kanye West winning an award for his sneakers, and Beyonce and Jay-Z sleeping…
3 Dec 2015 9AM 35 min