Paul Burton's Ironman training to achieve The Kona Edge

On this edition of The Kona Edge, we meet up with Paul Burton who qualified at Ironman South Africa in 2015. Paul’s got an incredible story, he wasn’t one of those guys who qualified on the first attempt. He takes us on his journey of trials before achieving his dream where he had the race of his life at The Kona Edge.
20 Nov 2015 12AM English South Africa Sports · Health & Fitness

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Changing nutritional requirements as your Ironman fitness changes

We are joined by Owain Matthews on this edition of The Kona Edge to chat about his Ironman nutrition strategy and how he dials in on his nutritional needs. He reveals the nutrition mistakes he has made and how different training sessions require different nutritional needs.
8 Nov 2016 7AM 6 min

The return to Ironman World Championships with Dean Edwards

We head to Wolverhampton in the Midlands of the United Kingdom to touch base with Ironman triathlete and Kona qualifier Dean Edwards. On this podcast we chat to Dean about what it takes to qualify for and to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
6 Dec 2015 10PM 31 min

Swim Faster - Dan Stubleski shares his Ironman Swim Tips

On this episode of The Kona Edge Brad Brown caught up with Dan Stubleski. Dan won his age group at Ironman Kona in 2014 and went back in 2015 and defended his title. On this podcast Dan shares with Brad what he does in the water to improve his Ironman…
4 Dec 2015 2AM 5 min

Two time Ironman Kona World Champion Dan Stubleski

On this episode of the Kona Edge Brad Brown touches base with Dan Stubleski. Dan won his age group at the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2014 and then went back and defended his title in 2015. This is Dan's Ironman World Championships story.
19 Nov 2015 5AM 29 min

How Aled Smith took 50 mins off his Ironman run time

We meet up again with Aled Smith on The Kona Edge to chat about how he improved his running and find out from him what technique he used to improve on his endurance and times - taking off as much as 50 minutes in his marathon race times and how…
21 Dec 2015 12AM 4 min