#GCS 16.7.15 Pt1

Ben gives his review of the new Entourage movie, he loved it. Gareth attacks Damon for belching, and other issues. Gareth receives an email defending Damon, but it backfires. What does Dr Ross Tucker think of Chris Froome's performance at the Tour de France? Ross is a Professor in Exercise Physiology. Anthea Gardner has the latest Greek news in The Money Shot, all about voting and resignations. If China sneezes, the world really can get sick. Then Justice Malala is back with The Burning Platform, brought to you by Nando's. Justice firmly believes it's time to look at our relationship with China. We need to confront this problem of Africans being so desperate to leave their countries for Europe.
16 Jul 2015 12AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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Stricter the Better

19.04.24 Pt 2 - The team speak about the state of journalism in SA. Ben has a look at sport ahead of the weekend. And comedian Logie Naidoo joins the team to chat about an upcoming comedy show, and Indian stereotypes.
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Swearing Correctly

19.02.24 Pt 1 - Simphiwe educates Gareth on the Soft Guy era, leading to a rabbit hole discussion about what your phone says about you. Ben Karpinski joins the team to chat about Masters etiquette… and new swear words.
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Alliances and Coalitions

18.04.24 Pt 2 - DA leader John Steenhuisen joins the Burning Platform to speak about the Multi-Party Charter, his fight for a better South Africa, and their label as a ‘white party’.
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If the Glove Fits

18.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi start the show discussing lawyers and OJ Simpson. Gareth compares the shocking numbers behind the age groups registered to vote. And Phumi talks about how glamorous a Matric Dance can get.
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Vive la Résistance

16.0.24 Pt 2 - Matthew Pienaar and Lauren Evanthia Bernardo from the Organic Humanity Movement join Democracy 101 to plead their case ahead of the elections. They speak about gun control, education, and how changing government systems are the key to solving many issues in the country.
16 Apr 2AM 58 min