To race or not to race - that is the question

Welcome to the next edition of the Ask Coach Parry podcast, with us Comrades coach, Lindsey Parry, I’m Brad Brown. Lindsey, the last podcast we spoke about illness in the build up to Comrades. But it’s one of those things that particularly this time of the year is very prevalent and there have been a few incidents. Particularly last year there was one with someone passing away on race day. It is something we need to be well aware of, that if we are coming down with something and as we get closer to Comrades day and particularly on Comrades race day.

I was one of the few who woke up on Comrades morning last year sick as a dog and I decided I wasn’t running. It’s a big call to make but it’s an important one. Let’s talk about making that call if you do feel yourself getting sick in the build up to, in the final week of Comrades. What can you do to limit the effects and when should you make the call; yes, I’m going to run or no, I’m not going to. What’s the thought process behind that and it’s a big call to make, but it’s an important one.